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FBReader goes to material design. 2.6 beta 10 is available for testing
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Ребёнок удалил приложение с телефона.я восстановила с резервной копии,но в нём ничего нет!то есть приложение есть а книг в нём нет!!подскажите что делать?!

Is this community no longer active? If anyone reads this--is there a better, more active forum for FBReader?

Is there anyway to configure FBReader so that the "Recently Opened Books" list is not limited to only 12 books? One thing I like about the Kindle app is that when you view things sorted by recently opened, you're not just limited to the last few books you opened.... So I wanted to see if there was any way to configure the FBreader to list more books under "Recently Opened."

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Hi ,
old user and fan of FBReader here. I love the My Library feature .

Today is not working from browser. I can see my library books from the android app , but cannot access its web UI . Can you please check

FBReader voice control.
I have been asked about a ebook reader from a friend that has had a bad motorcycle accident, and I of course advised him to use FBReader on his mobile phone (using text-to-voice). He was very happy, but wanted voice-control of the app due to two broken arms...
Is this possible?

Reading position sync using webDAV?

Please consider adding the option to sync position(metadata,covers,etc) using the webDAV protocol. I'd love to not have to rely on a 3rd party to sync my reading position.

I already self host my epub library with an OPDS interface ( ). So if the link to download a book could just point to my own OPDS instead of google drive that'd be great.


Can anyone tell me how to switch the "Where to store downloaded books" directory to the SD Card on an Android 7 tablet? It doesn't seem to let me switch away from the internal storage.


Раньше удобно качал книги с сайта вас.качка ру. Сейчас там нет скачать fb2 подскажите что делать?

I selected Dropbox as a Share Option. I now want to change it to Email but when I select Share it goes straight to Dropbox with no option to change my share settings. How do I reset Share Settings on Android?
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