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Note that: every dark dragon is able to come out at dark and go where ever they like dark times are dark type dragons play ground time, so don't be out at night or they can break there law and can cause mischief like steal hurt start a wrong war or do anything that can make trouble when i give the new category (day or night time) both mods and owners can turn the time of day 

Who would like a journey I leota with me?

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how is everyone here in leota?

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Join the new generation leota forest and new places to go

I'm in my cave waiting for a mate

Important srry but I've lost interest in this community and there are other reasons I won't mention but I'm leaving. Bye

blenda was waiting for a ride to equestria for a little visit of a friend

+Alvick​ thank u so much for posting lots of rp's thank for keeping the community going
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