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Information and Communication Technology: Positive impact on Life
Information technology has developed in its bloom now these days. When we discuss about its impact and influences on human life, there are many views to evaluate this. Many people
think that life is become busier and harder in these days. But there is another
positive reason also to praise the development and uses of information
technology. How and how much information technology made human life easy,
smarter and convenient? Let’s talk about the positive impacts of information
technology on life and life style.…..
Information and communication technology: Positive impact on life
information and communication technology ICT in life and the impact of ICT on life

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Questions about #smartclass   #techintegration  in #classroom  
 A good combination of equipment is needed for running a smart class but there is any problem with any equipment there should be the alternate for these.

   Teachers have to integrate the traditional and innovative teaching technologies/methodologies for a better output. 
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Smart class is the new and innovative concept in education where teacher teaches by projectors, computers, multimedia and sometimes by internet. In a smart class, whiteboards should be suitable for projectors. In a smart class there may be use of pointers and other devices, whiteboard should be comfortable for those devices. A whiteboard should be adoptive for interactive whiteboard activities. There should be proper whiteboard erasers to erase and clean the whiteboard. There should be fine marker pens to write on whiteboards.

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In a smart class there will be computers, projectors, internet connectivity and other multimedia devices such as home theater etc.  The role of a teacher may be modified in such new environment. In a smart class students may use internet and this activity can change the old thinking about the students and the learning theory. In beginning, it should be launched as a pilot project in a few schools. The experience and result of these schools leads the future planning. To make a new project in smart school vision, it is very important to invite the expert teachers to play a great role in policy making. 

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