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Name: Forestkit
Clan: DawnClan
Rank: Kit

Hey guys
I started the omen of the stars series ages ago but is it worth it to read them all?
and sorry I haven't been active on here lately

+Neru Cain  could I make a Clan and how many cats can you have?

Ok +Amenti K.  is now the leader of deathclan! It is similar to bloodclan, they don't follow the warrior code.
and of course you can hav more than one cat so you can have one in Dawnclan and Deathclan

Hey sorry I haven't been on lately but now I'm back!

Name: Skyclaw
Rank of
When died: Elder Tom
Pelt: White
Eyes: As blue as the sky
Realations: no one
Other: Died from a fierce battle between dawn clan and shadeclan

Glad you joined +Scarlet Pelt
hope you like the community!

leopardstorm looks around to see if anyones out, doesn't see anyone there and sneaks out of camp then trots happily through the forest tail swishing happily

Scarletpelt walks it of camp and meets a rouge in the forest she fights boldly and astrongly the rouge scratches her shoulder but she runs him off by unsheathing her metal platted claws she comes back to camp and pads to the med den

Name: Stormpaw
Rank: Apprentice, tom
Pelt: Redish orange with one white paw
Other: He likes to practice hunting and fighting he has a secret crush on Scarletpelt but she doesn't know
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