I've been playing music my entire life. From the early days of learning songs from me da, and singing with me brothers and sisters. To the church choir, to classic studies in college. As with many musicians, I have a love of history also. My family genealogy, ancient history, to world events. With the interest in history, comes a love of tradition and carrying on the things that bring community and family together.
My Great-Great Gran Dad ran a Punch and Judy Show for many years. My Great Gran Dad loved his fiddle, which he would play along with the static radio, dance the jig, and enjoy his well known home brew on Friday nights. My Grandfather was never short of a song and a story at any gathering, and I learned some of the oldest songs from him, sitting on his knee. My Father sang songs at the drop of a hat and was responsible for the beginnings of harmony with my brothers and sisters.

One of the things that has drawn me to playing in the pubs, was my fond memories of how my Dad would start singing for no reason, but his enjoyment of song and people. I remember me drinking Pepsi and him with a pint, and how when he started a song the the others in the pub would sit up, smile and and have a genuine good time, followed by, "Give us another, Bob!" I think the song opened people up to enjoyment more than the drink. Each table alone and apart, would suddenly have a common bond.

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