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This battle was so much fun and I hope you'll see it and enjoy subscribe for more but also like and comment what was the most crazy part............please

Im coming back soon

Does anyone here play competitively? If so, anyone want to do Pokemon Showdown? :P

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Awesome give way try to hope you win
Hey Guys! Giving away this baby this Sunday.
All u have to do:
1. Reshare to your Friends and another Pokemon Society
2. Comment on what is your favorite pokemon (Be honest please :) )
3. Love Absol :D
4. Post FC And IGN
Info on Absol:
Absol @ Absolite, lvl 37 female, nature Naive
IVs: 6
EV Trained
Fire Blast
Play Rough
Sucker Punch
See you on sunday!

Hey, I have a question for all of you extremely knowledgable fans of Pokemon! This deals with IV Breeding, so don't read anymore if you don't know what I'm talking about.

I'm currently breeding an Eevee with Wish to get 5 IVs. I already have given it HP, SPD, and SPATK. Now, I'm breeding for one with 31 IVs in Defense. My parents are...
Eevee (Male) 31/x/x/31/31/x (HP,ATK,DEF,SPATK,SPDEF,SPEED)
-Holding a Destiny Knot, not caring about natures ATM
-Already has Wish
Ditto (Genderless)x/x/31/x/31/x (Only Defense and SpDef)
-Holding a Power Belt (whatever the item is to raise you DEF)

I don't see any problems, but the whole thing is, I'm always getting Eevee's with either 2 or 3 IVs. They all have Def, along with one or two of the other stats. None of them are receiving 4 IVs and I mean none. Can you guys help me?

Thoughts on a(n)...
Electric/Poison type?
Steel/Poison? (Suggested by a friend)

My thoughts...
Electric/Poison - Only weak to Ground(x4) and Psychic(x2). I honestly think with an Air Balloon, this could be potentially awesome. 
Steel/Poison - GT REKT FAIRIES
Fire/Grass - Could make for some fun abilities, and typing, neutral to Fire, Water, and Grass if I'm not mistaken.
Ghost/Rock - Kinda sounds like an unfortunate Aegislash, being weak to Ghost, Dark, Water, Grass, Steel, Water, and Ground, but gets a handy immunity to Fighting I guess. Could be nice.
Ghost/Fairy - Weakness to Dark nullfied, but has 3 weaknesses. Could make for an interesting pokemon...

So what do you think?

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ash vs gary 

the showdown of the old seasons

I hope you all got your Fancy Vivillion!
Event closes after July 31, so get it ASAP!

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Just got them recently and just 2 let u know, victini is 4 trade.
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some legendaries and ex + fbs my brother and i have...
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