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1. Nothing inaproprite and keep swaring to the lesser swear words
2. Please be real no god modding or over power shizzle
3. We are in the 21st centurey
Weapons: Please try not to have swords or daggers or guns unless you have found one. and that's a rare occasion
4. Please wait to be approved before roleplaying.
5. If you want to change ranks, please tell me.
6. You can have 3 profiles maximum


Medics You keep the group healthy. The scavangers find you medicine, and sometimes med kits. You don't do much fighting. Some don't do any at all. But keep a weapon handy anyway.

Gaurds You guys are positioned in the watch tower, the roof, and along the insides of the wall. You never leave the base without a weapon, and protect and fight for anyone that is being confronted by zombies.

Scavangers You guys are sly and tricky. Always getting zombies confused. You leave the walls in search for weapons, medical supplies, food, and anything useful. You never leave without your weapon and a rucksack to carry anything you find.

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Just a fellow update. Removed some things and added and such. Beware random words.. Bewareeee.....
NAME: Olivia Lasky 
AGE: 11 o3o
GENDER: Female
RANK: Scavenger
PERSONALITY: Socially awkward, artist, creative, crazy animals person, rarely gets in trouble, loves to learn new things,observer, rarely quits, can be a friend or fiend, likes a good book, hates crowds, dislikes being violent, silence is golden, not a social butterfly, hates brainless people, passive, nifty, skittish
LOOKS: Picture and some scars on arms. Wears a necklace with 5 charms. One is a blessing ring for courage. Another is a charm of a dog and a cat together with a heart that reads: "Pet leave pawprints on our hearts" A name tag off her horse’s halter/bridle that reads: Giggy my irl horse’s name. A charm of a Paso Fino, Giggy’s breed. A turtle charm deemed to be lucky even though the first day irl i wore it i was as unlucky as ever
BIO: Grew up some ways from the mall. When the apocalypse began her parents never came home so she stayed in the house. Alone with nobody nearby since she lived in an equestrian community. After a week of living alone she took her horse and took a trail down a road she knew led to the mall thinking someone would be there. She and her cat, Lil’ B, rode for awhile with nothing but a some sling bag with some supplies and a pocket knife. After sometime travelling they ran into a hoard of zombies. Lil’ B, and Olivia made it out but unfortunately they had to leave the horse. Luckily the mall was just a block off and they made it into the base.
WEAPONS: A pocket knife, the cat o3o and random stuff nearby
OTHER: Lil’ B teh cat and…… not a fluffy cute cat but a VICIOUS LITTLE NINJA CAT. Warrior cats. Is required to be accompanied when going out to scrounge abandoned places. marshmallows
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Marshall barged into the weapons room, his shoulders heaving as he breathed unevenly. Dropping his baseball bat to the ground, his hand slammed onto the wall for balance, the other hand over his heart to steady himself. 
"No one should be in here at this time... I'm safe," He mumbled to himself, then crouched in the corner. The teenager took out something from his backpack with a devilish snicker. 
(quick note on his personality: dorky, a bit flirtatious & very sociable)

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((i just spent like a minute scrolling thru all my communites. XD well I found it.)) The sound of shattering glass echoed through the Wal-Mart. Hey Cecelia. Got anything to see what's in this? Ethan said hold a paper baggie of meds turning toward her. ((Closed to.... +Sophia Chen​!))
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Buddy laid near the entrance, rather bored. Zombies.. Zombies...and more zombies.. That's all you see that basically is alive around here other than ok humans. No other animals really.. He grumbled talking to no one in particular. ((OPEN RP! DOGS ONLY AS SUGGESTED BY +Phoebe White​))

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Picture of Dixie ♥

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Name: Marshall Cruor Reynolds
Age: Appears to be around 16-17
Gender: Male
Rank: Guard
Personality: Laid-back, is always mistaken to be a huge flirt but in reality he's just a gentleman in disguise. A typically cheerful extrovert, however at times he can become depressingly silent and somber.
Bio: Before the virus, his parents worked in the mafia and therefore Marshall had knowledge of a variety of weapons, fighting styles, and other things a 13 year old shouldn't be learning. Unfortunately his parents were bitten and being the naive boy he was at the time, he couldn't kill them and ran away.
Looks: Neat jet black hair and forest green eyes. A rather pale complexion, and is around 5'9", 180 cm. Always seen with dark eye bags for reasons unknown (See photos for better understanding)
Weapons Marshall rather likes his baseball bat, but there are many other little weapons he uses. However he always carries around his father's revolver with him for good luck. He only uses it as a last resort since there is limited ammo available.
Others: He wears glasses most of the time, if not, his is wearing contact lenses. Without them his vision is horrible.

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((Its +I'm a fangirler Beware​ on my sisters account! She wants me to make her first rp, but she will be the one who rp on it. So, dont judge her, this is her first time.))

Kasside sat in the medics sleep room, searching through a half empty med kit one of the scavengers brought in. Ugh, we are low on supplies and theres nothing useful in here! She threw the med kit to the floor and crossed her arms. She didn't realize the person in the shadows, watching. You spoke up and Kasside turned to look at you.

Zoey was walking around the wall. She wasn't a gaurd, but as the founder she thought it was her duty. She discovered a few weak points that needed attending to and a small hole with a limb in it from a failed attempt to get in. Stupid zombies. She laughed and picked up the limb, then threw it over the wall. She continued her walk around the wall when she saw you. Hey, what are you doing? Zoey called to you.

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I leaned against a wall in the darkness expertly doodling in the pitch black room using the moon's light that filtered through a nearby window. Lil' B was curled up on my bed. I looked up at him as he stood up and stretched turning to me he meowed. Heh... You miss your bed too huh? I sighed smiling a little even though nobody else would be able to see. I stood up itching to get out of the mall. Come on Lil' B. Maybe we can get some outside air.. Maybe even some more action.. I say dropping my drawing pad on the bed as he leaped down and followed me out. I walked around kinda spooked by the emptiness of the mall when you......
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