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I recently made my dedicational to my friends,
I hope you'll come over to my YT channel and
tell me how much you like or hate it! 
It's from My Heart...
even though Andrew Gold wrote it!   lol   :-)

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Beautiful!   :-)

Hey whazzup, peeps! If anyone's interested,
I'm gonna be 56 years young tomorrow...
I could probably use a kind word or two or three...
or maybe even four, so say hey if you want!!

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Hey, Jeremy and everyone else... I hope this fits the Chill persona
well enough, to post it here... if not, please feel free to delete it!

A simple Ballad using TechnoTrance and HipHop sounds!
Made with Magix Music Maker 17!
M.J. did most of the work here, so once again I can only give
myself like 10% of the credit!   We hope you Enjoy, and feel
free to Like, Comment, Share, and ... I don't like asking for Subs,
but...  if we've earned it... Please do!   
I'd like a thousand Subs before I move
on to that big studio in the sky! ... that would be really cool!!!  :-)

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Stressed out? Melt into this for a little while!   :-)

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Here's my first song made primarily for this community...
I hope you'll like it!  Enjoy!!!   :-)
(I really like feedback, so please comment!)

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Another little chill-out track I made today for you to enjoy... 
I also filmed part of the creation, that will be coming soon!

...and please comment! I don't care if you hate it, love it,
or if it lies somewhere inbetween!
So, please...   just let me know what you think of it!
We love feedback!   :-D

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Here is a chill song i made myself...

Hey Jeremy, Thanks for the invite...
I'm accepting for right now,
but I'm hoping this is more for amateurs and not professionals!
I like finding other amateurs, like myself,
for various things like mutual admiration, feedback, 
maybe even have a collab or two! Stuff like that!
...I hope I'm in the right place...   :-)

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