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Name: Luna flower
Gender: female
Weapon: two swords and hammer
Background story:Luna came from to mad scientist who kill 20 gem in first she was crush and felt weak and the Connie went to Convention of scientists Connie found Luna in a cage also Luna had a color to bug Connie let Luna out also cut her color and escape mad scientist which the government was control after Luna notice she had to two stone one light diamond and one blue sapphire all 20 gem where in those two stone and now she strongest gem in universe Luna doesn't know yet or how to work her gem.
Occupation:I have black hair light turquoise eyes also I Alway wearing white dress I'm stubborn love to protect my friends also not afraid of enemies.
Weight: 5.3
Gemstone:light diamond and white sapphire
Dislike: jasper, peridot also yellow diamond
Side: nobody 
Theme song: Lucia song also power of one
The song that Luna sing: battle scar, power of one,battlefield, heart go on
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Yo seré Garnet (Rubí y Zafiro)
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