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Just a quick note to say that the water on Slack is lovely, and you should come on over if you haven’t yet. This link is good for the next week, but if you miss it, please PM me or other people on the previous post for an invite.

Having sprung to the front of the line for +Andy Dillon's breakfast offering, it's time to serve up one of my own. I am both eager and afraid to see your guesses.

Having buzzed through +Elizabeth Nugent's breakfast, and feeling a bit peckish, it's time for another. Breakfast is served!

A modest proposal.

While I think many of us are watching the GPlus migration community closely to see where consensus converges, for this game in particular, I would like to propose we move to Slack.

* We’re not very large, so we can stay in the free tier and still have all the fun features
* the rolling nature of Slack conversations is perfect for game flow
* it’s reliable, doesn’t have consistency issues, isn’t likely to go out of business, and has no ads
* If we run it as an invite only channel, we can nip spamming in the bud, and then we can drop invites into other social media as appropriate.


I found +❨❨❨David C. Frier❩❩❩‘s breakfast without a hiccup, so it’s time for me to serve the next meal. I await your guesses, although I may be slow in responding today.

I was delira and excira to find +Christina Talbott-Clark's Secret of Roan Inish, and now for some more breakfast!

I bubbled my way to the top on +Andy Dillon's breakfast, so it's time to serve up something of my own.


I interpreted the visual signals and correctly identified +Elizabeth Nugent 's breakfast. Now I'm hungry for more. Breakfast is served!
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