I try to define a macro with a new key binding.
For exemple, I would like to bind ctrl+F9 key, but it did't work.
Any idea ?

thx a lot

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Where do I find documentation on how to set up Macros in LaserWeb4.
I found this :https://github.com/LaserWeb/deprecated-LaserWeb3/wiki/Workflow:-Use-Macro-Panel-to-create-Laser-Test-Fire-button
but it appears to be for an earlier version.


Is it possible to have the Laser on (10%) during "Check Size"

Hi All
Laser fill path.....The option is made available when I load a DXF. I have tried a variety of settings and still cannot get it to work. I am using R12 DXF with 0.1mm Line Distance, 0 Margin, 500 Feed Rate and 100% power. Laser Cut produces usable code but there is no result for LFP. Laserweb version 4.0.996
I can see that others have used this setting but I cannot duplicate their results.. Help please.

Add a field to increment the Z axis for Laser and Mill opps to allow for incremental removal of material, this will eliminate the necessity to set up a separate cutting code in another program and having to run them independently. This is to accommodate smooth cutting for different material depths. I realize that We can do multiple cuts, but having the depth adjusting creates a better job.
Thanks for you efforts

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Hello All, I've been a fan of www.jscut.org for awhile and wanted to move over to Laserweb for my CNC g-code creation on my MacBook. But after loading the Laserweb software and lots of experimentation I am running into a problem. When creating an operation all of the CNC milling options are greyed out and it only lets me select a couple laser operations? I've attempted to reset the software to its start state but still no CNC functions available. Do I need to somehow activate the CNC features? I hope to use the program to create g-Code cutting files for my CNC without any of the machine running features. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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I want your help!, this is a vertical drawbot (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2700673).
I am using a Arduino CNC shield, with the second X axis motor in the A axis.
When I press (Y+) in Laserweb, the Y motor and one of the X motors moves (as shown in the video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wGX2nS0v5M)).
I don't know if the problem is in the shield, or the downloaded girl-servo (https://github.com/robottini/grbl-servo) in the Arduino UNO or in Laserweb software.


My Ardunio Nano control board is faulty.
There is no response from the laser output from the software.
By that I mean the laser will only run at full power regardless of the software settings.
This means the only control of the burning capabilities of the laser is travel speed so I can not do any Raster work.

When the laser is running the voltage at D11 varies between 0-5volts but the voltage on the signal wire going to the laser it stays fixed at 5 volts.
Can I take a wire from D11 direct to the signal wire?

Or do I need to order a new controller

In LW Control Panel top left what are the X Y F S controls used for?

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Mini laser arduino

I've just started with Laser Web on my iMac and have found it a very steep learning curve.

What is the best way to import and engrave text

I need to engrave a 8pt font on wood

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