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LaserWeb4 native app running on OSX. Soon in a computer near you!!!

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Good feeling to see a LaserWeb app icon. Cheers to all working hard on this.

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Speak to +Brett Cottle if you need an EXE
We have compressed laserweb into a desktop application for both Windows and OSX so you no longer need to install and run Git or node.js and it will run in its own mini window so you don't need to open chrome, there may be bugs so let me know your thoughts?

Google drive link ..

Just download the relevant file you need from my drive un-zip and run the app, please note the app needs to run from the folder but you can create a shortcut for it on you desktop

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Can anyone help me invert my Y axis. Here is a screenshot of how I want it along with the beta drive info with end stop info. My end stop for the Y is located where I drew 0. I think I might need to switch my setting in the firmware to home_to_max?? Thanks,

beta_step_pin 2.1 # Pin for beta stepper step signal
beta_dir_pin 0.11! # Pin for beta stepper direction
beta_en_pin 0.10 # Pin for beta enable
beta_current .6 # Y stepper motor current
beta_max_rate 30000.0 # mm/min

beta_min_endstop 1.26^ #
#beta_max_endstop 1.27^ #
beta_homing_direction home_to_min #
beta_min 0 #
beta_max 200 #

I created a carefully dimensioned engraving (.PNG) but when it loaded into LW it's the wrong size.
How does LW know how big to make it? I could not find a DPI setting anywhere. Am I missing a setting? 
Using LW4...

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Using GitHub since LW started and never thought on making the logo. Cut from 3mm ply on my 3.8w Diode using Z stage on LaserWeb4. Sanded, primed and painted.

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Night stand cutted with LW3, created with LW4.
Thanks to +Ariel Yahni

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A fast question with a dxf R12 file.
When I draw a corner of a square, and then round the corner, lw4 read the rounded corner in different format. Make a line between the 2 nodes, does not read the curve, trace a line from start node to finish node of the curve.
Have I draw the rounded corner differently?
+Peter van der Walt +Todd Flemming​
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Hello everybody. Beware! Newbie question.

I'm stuck. I create a path (bezier tool) in Inkscape 0.91 (mac) and save as svg (Inkscape). When I open the svg in LW3 the two ends get connected. How do I design properly to prevent this from happening. I quess it has to do with open vs. closed paths... screenshot attached. the bottom straight line shouldn't be there.

btw: I guess the answer will be the same for "why are letters disappearing when using hershey fonts? (all letters with just straight lines like T, M, X, etc.)

Thanks for your help!


get overlapping result unknown error 31
Keeps stopping and have to reboot everything
Is it going too fast?
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