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(Read this guys it's important)
1.Only English are allow 'cause i am 12 an i only speak English and for everyone to understand if you speak Chinese,Japanese or something like that the mod will ban you out.
2.If you have picture for me feel free to post on the "Fan art"
3."Question page" are for all of your question post your question on question page for me to read and answer, don't post your question anywhere else or i won't answer it .
4."Answering page" is for mod and the owner post their thing not for you to post silly thing.
5."Talky talke place" is a place for you to talk to each other and my answer when i am too lazy to draw things and answer.
6.You can swear but don't say too much it's bad.
7.Follow all of this rules.
8.Follow number 7.
9.Follow number 8.
10.Follow number 9.
Thank you for being a member of this community.

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So guys i am working for a school project so i can't answer your question yet (sorry) but i draw something for your guys for fun

Hi Lulu,
I want to ask you some questions:
1 What food and drink do you like?
2. Which pet do you like, dog or cat?
3.What films do you like?
4. Who in MLP do you like best?
5. Where do you from? And do you love your country?
6 Where do you want to travel to in your future?

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+Bill yellow 
I am 12 and a half,Lulu is 12(Don't shock at my age,ok?) :3
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How old are you?
Question 2:

what anime series you recommend me?

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Hi my name Sue,i'll be call MC in this page and Lulu and her friends will answer your question
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