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Good article to pass along thanks to +Joanna Sormunen

Guinea pigs don't require the land that cattle do.

They can be kept in backyards, or in your home.

They're docile and easy to raise.

A guinea pig herd consisting of two males and 20 females can sustain itself while providing meat for a family of six.

Perfect reasons for switching from cattle to guinea pigs.

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Nearly started a fight this morning.
Who knew a banana peel was considered a delicacy ?
+Kay Guerard should've heard the sounds they made.

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Think I found the #peru   #cuyes   association.
Anybody here that can find how to join ?
Bumper stickers would be great !

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Came home from the RBC and met our 4 new #guineapig #cuy

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Hope this doesn't affect #cuy breeders.
Credit goes to +Lil Peck for this story:

As the owner of a rabbitry business that has just moved into Terry, Yeager has found himself in the center of a town controversy regarding animals and zoning that he neither sought after or wants. Yeager describes his passion for rabbits and the steps he took to ensure his hobby business would be welcome in Terry before moving here in this week’s issue of the Tribune.

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Work on #prepping the #cuy area didn't go far this weekend.
I'm still fighting a cold and it rained Sunday.
I was cheered up a bit by how big the #rabbits are getting, 2 more weeks !

Lets start acquiring some cuy recipes.
Maybe +Michael Khouri or +La Casa Del Cuy will share some favorites.

Kay progressed on the cuy pen this weekend.
Leon from has some larger breeders for sale north of Atlanta, 678-622-4642

Spent Sunday afternoon and most of Monday burying chicken wire with a foot of hardware cloth to keep predators from getting to the "roving hordes of guinea pigs".
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