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Can i join? I'm Purplestormmon, an OC digimon.

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Please like and subscribe

rp anyone

+viper fang Can there be oc digimon?

Hi, can I join?
My name is agumon
personality:evil and Jolly
Evolution line:koromon,agumon, greymon,skullgreymon
Bio: I was raised by pokemon, but I eat tiny pokemon...

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Name: sakura
Personality:sweet doesnt trust many people smart
Partner: Lalamon
Bio:was trapped in the digi word when 3 and met partner lalamon. She had learned to survive on her own with her partner to help

i was siting on my own in a tree

me and wormmon are walking around joking around when...

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Name: Kimeramon
Age: less then a year
Gender: Male
Personality: chaotic evil
Type: experiment
Evolution Line: none
Bio: I was made by the evil Digimon emperor but I turned against him to fight for the true evil master. I will crush all with my power! 

I'm walking through an open area RAWWWWW! HEP-HYPER! I fire at some defenseless Digimon
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