rp anyone

+viper fang Can there be oc digimon? 

Hi, can I join?
My name is agumon
personality:evil and Jolly
Evolution line:koromon,agumon, greymon,skullgreymon
Bio: I was raised by pokemon, but I eat tiny pokemon...

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Name: sakura
Personality:sweet doesnt trust many people smart
Partner: Lalamon
Bio:was trapped in the digi word when 3 and met partner lalamon. She had learned to survive on her own with her partner to help

i was siting on my own in a tree 

me and wormmon are walking around joking around when...

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Name: Kimeramon
Age: less then a year
Gender: Male
Personality: chaotic evil
Type: experiment
Evolution Line: none
Bio: I was made by the evil Digimon emperor but I turned against him to fight for the true evil master. I will crush all with my power! 

Me and leafmon were laying around while we wait for Davis and ken to come back from school todays been quite today huh? leafmon yes, it's quit odd, but it's nice just to lay around.

I'm walking through an open area RAWWWWW! HEP-HYPER! I fire at some defenseless Digimon

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Name: wormmon
Age: ~9
Gender: male
Personality: proud
Type: rookie
Evolution line: leafmon, wormmon, stingmon, DNA: pieldramon to imperialdramon and his fire mode.
Bio: every day wormmon has been with ken his partner to be his voice of reason, weather it was when ken worried for wormmon or when ken beat him for being weak.

Name: veemon
Age: 3
Gender: male
Personality: ready to fight
Type: rookie
Evolution line: Demi v-mon, veemon, XV-mon, armor: flamdramon and raidramon , DNA: pieldramon to imperialdramon and his fire mode.
Bio: veemon was trapped under the digi egg of courage and was freed by Davis his partner.

With XV-mon and stingmons powers combined they have the power to DNA digivolve to pieldramon and digivolve again to imperialdramon then switch to his fire mode.
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