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Hi and welcome to the Star Wars Roleplay Community. Here you can roleplay infinitely with anyone, as long as you do it properly without harassing/bullying and follow the Guidelines. You can RP in any era, from the very beginning, to your own, fan made future. Please read the Community Guidelines to keep this community clean and safe.

Community Guidelines and Info
• Absolutely no spam. Any spam posts/comments will be deleted and the author will be warned.

• No OP/Godmodding. If roleplaying as a Jedi/Sith, keep your midichlorian count below 20,000. Do not abuse force-related powers.

• Do not take roleplay seriously. In the end, we're all friends.

• If there is any spam/harassing from your side, you will be warned and if it continues you will be banned. Stay on your best behaviour and have fun!

• It is compulsory to make an RP Profile if you wish to RP here.

• You can have up to 10 profiles for one account. You may also use your other account(s).

• This community allows you to make your profile on any template, but be sure to include the requirements

• Both your characters and your roleplays may belong to the Legends, Disney or Shared Canon. If there are any confusions, feel free to contact mods/owners.

• There can any number of profiles playing the same canon character, there are no canon maps or any such thing.
If you want an Character Profile, you must include the following within your profile.

Eye Colour:
Hair Colour:
Midichlorian count: (Compulsory if force-sensitive)
Era: (Birth year, etc,..)
Home Planet:
These are the requirements if you want to make an Droid Profile

Created: (Where the droid was created)
And finally, the requirements for Starship/Starfighter Profile:

Created: (Where the ship was created)
Once your profile has been approved by an owner or a moderator, you may start roleplaying. When creating a roleplay, please choose an appropriate section depending on which era you're in. Also state where you are and whether it's an open roleplay or closed (tag the people involved). Have fun, may the force be with you!

What happened here? Anybody here? Anybody wanna RP?

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Laura and Will finally reach their destination. However the stress on the engines after the laserblasts had caused a burnout. Seeing the mechanical lights blinking in an alarming manner as well as the engine alert tone, Laura figured it was too clean a getaway. "It looks like we have engine failures! Not a good place to have that." Laura said. She didn't want them to stick around very long, they may try to follow them; who was she kidding? Of course they were going to follow them. She could only hope the problems are fixable. +Will Steel​​​

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+Will SteelThe Ice Rings of Tigrinn were known as a good place to lose a pursuing force with relative ease, but not without risk. Located further in deep space, this particular area is much colder than normal. Any Human caught outside in this sector will freeze in five seconds. The Ice chunks and formations collide often, making it easy to be crushed or trapped temporarily. Laser blasts are sufficient to destroy the ice, however there is a risk to this known only to a few. Some of the ice formations contain small trace elements of Kyber. Some of the big ones contain even fully grown crystals. Shooting just one of these formations could unleash a starburst of energy capable of crippling or destroying ships.

Despite its popularity among locals, it is almost completely unknown to the rest of the galaxy.


Ok So if anyone wants to roleplay I'm always here

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sorry I was inactive, kind of got out of google plus and star wars for a bit

Guess who's back...Anyone want to RP?

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Quote: "For me i can not i am corrupted by the dark and you can go back to the light for i can not because of the actions i have committed in my past"
Eras: From Old Republic to Spark of the Rebellion has been out of cryo for the old republic and the civil war and some of clone wars
Name: Sallus Yamato
Code name: Dax Oxton
Age: 25
Weapons: White and Black Lightsaber Hilts Wrist Flamethrower Wrist Grappling hook and Jetpack Quad Blaster Mando Ripper Mando LMG Mando Pistols Mando Blaster Repeater and a Mangnaguard electostaff
Force Powers: Force Lighting Force Choke Force Push/Pull Force Saber Throw Force Mind Trick Force Repulse
Hair color: Black like pic
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 100 without armor 150 with armor
Bio: Him and his Brother Andrew Yamato had a big rivalry and one day sallus put a laser through Andrew's head and from that day forward Andrew's name would be mentioned in vain by the family name and now that the republic has fallen i had no choice to run and hide. Has been frozen for a while now and has been unfrozen now i don't know what happened all i know is the empire has fallen.
Side: None Yet (i will do what i must to keep balance)
Love life: Straight
Affiliation: Grey Jedi (Read My Cover Photo)
Previous Master: Orgus Din
Current Master: None
Looks: I wear my old Master's armor
Droid Number: T5-RD5
Droid name: Zett Rem
Owner: Orgus Din (Previous) Sallus Yamato (Now)
Type: Astromech
Weapons: Remain to be seen
Droid number/model: IG-RM Thug Droids
Owner: Sallus Yamato
Type: Assistant Droids
Weapons: DLT-19 Heavy imperial blasters
How many owned: 4
Colors: Two Silver Two Black
Droid number/model: HK-47 Hunter killer droid
Owner: Revan (Previous) Sallus Yamato (Now)
Type: Assassin Droid
Weapons: E-33 Droid Blaster Rifle
How many owned: 2
Colors: Both Black
Name: The Burning Star
Type: Haren-Class Frigate
Weapons: 10 box missile pods that hold 90 missiles 6 Rotatory Cannons Turrets that are on Top Front And Bottom with 4 rotatory cannons
Crew: 8 (pilot three turret gunners and four passengers)
Cargo Capacity: 100 (5 speeders 95 Weapons or supply)
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Name: Alex (lord morbius)
Age: 20
Race: human
Personality: cold, creepy, he has no friends because he is called the "sir of the hunger" because he can take the life and energy of the people and when someone sees him, he will have live nightmares
Gender: Male
Eye Colour: red
Hair Colour: black
Midichlorian count:16,000
Abilities: Force lightning, Force Repulse, Force Push, Force Choke and Force Maelstrom
Era: the old republic
Home Planet: korriban
Affiliation: none
Ship: its like the star killer ship,
Amory:Carried a Strong set of armor stronger than most,a red lightsaber with pikes where the sword opens
Bio: he was born in a normal family of korriban, in a with colony, but, after murdering everyone because of cooperating with the republic, he went to an old temple to live and become stronger moment to moment
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