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"Uh- There is kinda a huge, bony and scary thing behind you."
"I just came to take pictures! Not get my life handed to me!"

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"You think I know how this thing feels? I'm just a Veterinarian!"
"I warned you to get your hand away from that! She snaps!"

Name: Lance Elwood O'Hara
Alias (Nicknames): Mister Know-It-All, Sass Master, Long Neck Dino boy.
Age: Early 30's or Late 20's, I can change it on the scenario.
Status, Sexuality: Single, Bisexual. He doesn't seem to discuss whom he fancies, so it is unsure which gender he is more attracted to.
Occupation: Veterinarian in the Masrani Global Offices. Lance works around the park taking care of animals along with his bag that he brings everywhere. He is typically found in the fields, taking care of Brachiosaurus' due to their long necks, they have many issues in their strength.
Residence on Island: He stays in a room provided to him, off the side of the main hotel rooms. Though he is rarely there, he is usually out at night or in the lab, studying samples he has gathered with the Genetic Biologists.
> Strength : He must be a tough person to be able to control and handle the aggressive attitude of the dinosaurs that he is called in to deal with.
> Water Tolerance: Lance can be put underwater for a long time, as some creatures he faces live below. Just like everyone, he does have a breaking point, and can usually stay for up to 5 minutes in the water without oxygen.
Character Traits: Lance is a very reserved person, some describe him as self-less as he tends to put the needs of others before his own. He seeks every opportunity to jump the gun and get the job over with and tends to put things aside. This shows that he is very motivated, but also lazy and can be truthful with himself when he knows he is purposely putting jobs away. His selflessness is very key in his job as he is always on edge about caring for the parks animals, he values the history and time it takes to form these creatures and is ultimately amazed by the whole job and site he is currently on.
Physical Appearance: Lance stands at 6' even and weights about 135 pounds. He has a well built figure from all the conditions he works in, making his arms a bit buff. His skin tone is a rather bronzed tint from all of his work outside. His eyes are a blue tint that resembled the darkness of a sky before a storm hits, and hair the color of a roasted chestnut. He has a bit of facial hair surrounding his lips and up his chin to his ears, which he switches between letting it grow and shaving it off. His eyelashes are rather long and I've him a fierce glare when he is upset, making his eyes his most noticeable feature. Lance keeps his hair in a short style and cuts it regularly.
Education: Being a Veterinarian is a tough job, especially when it comes to colossal reptiles. Lance studied at the University of Phoenix, taking a major in Health of Animals, and a minor in fossil studies. From that point, he began focusing on how he can shape the earth with his skills when he was offered a job as Masrani. He ceased the offer right away without second thought and moved from his parents home into the hotel side, beginning work a year before any madness occurred.
Religious Beliefs, Race, Nationality, Languages: The beliefs of Lance are unknown, he appears to be a standard Caucasian male but he originates from a small home in Russia with his mother.
Backstory: Lance Elwood O'Hara was born on September 6th, to two lovely parents in Kazan, Russia. From a young age, Lance was interested in Dinosaurs, his favorite movie being 'The Land Before Time'. He found a strong interest in the creatures, longing to see how they roamed the earth. As he grew older, his parents got a divorce, which didn't effect him that bad, as it wasn't a hard separation, the two still care about each other very much, simply found other people. There was Lance, alone with his mother. She often would take him to the museum until he could pick up a job. He would read all sorts of facts and become engaged in the writing of the ancient beings. When he arrived to college, he started studying health, with plans to work with smaller animals, it wasn't until he was offered a job at Masrani that he began to switch his course. He said goodbye to his mother and was off quickly, more than surprised to be roaming with Dinosaurs once more. He was amazed at the sight. His main job was to care for the smaller dinosaurs, but he would rush to help the larger ones at times of attack, or fatigue.
Family: Barbara O'Hara (Mother, Alive), Anderson O'Hara (Father, Alive), Stephanie Gard (Step-Mother, Alive), Baxter Kingsley (Step-Father, Alive)
Love Interests: None.
Friends: None.
*FC - Sebastian Stan 💕
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