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Real Madrid turned down Manchester United bid for Varane and Bale...

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Someone should post highlight videos on this Community. #LoveFootballItaliaYoutube

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Real Madrid would have a debt of EUR 600 million

As stated in the report provided by Real Madrid in the last Assembly of Compromisarios on September 2012 the total debt of the club amounted to almost EUR 600 million, wrote Mundo Deportivo.

Despite this huge debt, the club isn’t worried. Read the post to discover why!


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3 out of 5 Premier League players go bankrupt

Xpro, the charity for ex-professional players, has revealed the shocking fact that60% of five Premier League players go bankrupt within five years of retirement. 

Despite an average wage of £30,000 a week, many players blow money away...is there any way to help them?

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