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I have developed this new CPU benchmarking system titled: TrueBench

Can you please benchmark your devices/servers (as per the instructions mentioned in TrueBench website) and submit me your results please. I need this for research standpoint.

TrueBench allows you to compare ARM along with Intel x86 platform directly. As well as MIPS architecture.

Thank you, Kiran

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here is a list of the TOP Linux games, does it miss something??

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It is a cute benchmark of WebGL. Let's measure the FPS in your favorite browser .

"YOS DIVA": It is a music player that creates a new Web experience to enjoy the new song and dance . /
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Hi i am  getting a  GTX 780ti and supposedly they overclock well. Nvclock appears to be a dead project,not recommended for newer cards,  and i dont know of any other nvidia linux software alternatives, any suggestion?. i also  read this could be done by adding  Option "Coolbits "1"  to the xorg config which would allow me to then play with the Mhz from the nvidia control panel. Is this still valid ?  Or am i better to simply use windows and say msi afterburner? 

#ubuntu   #overclocking   #nvidia  

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Project Root the Shoot'Em Up Evolution!
Mix of Desert Strike, R-Type and Axelay.
Now in LINUX!

Project Root - Trailer

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Share, we need  the support!

Source SDK 2013 Released 
Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer - check
Source SDK Base 2013 Singleplayer - check
so now we can play mod games woohoo 

Source SDK - Not available 
"The other change with the Source SDK is that now Hammer and the other mod tools ship with their respective games instead of as part of the SDK Launcher. The launcher itself is being phased out, so it will disappear from your Tools list. You can find information about how to run the tools from the games"

Unfortunately though its still just windows  

2013/6/27 Alfred Reynolds <>
"No, hammer is only available on windows and we have no plans at this time to change that.

It is a MFC app, which is a windows only UI tech, so a port would be difficult. Future engines have been designed with cross platform support in the toolchain from the start." 

So  we must sit and wait for source engine 2 to appear 

Woo-hoo!  Member #70!

I was wondering how to use nvidia's proprietary drivers options to make the most out of my graphics card. 

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