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My ocs are
And snow
None of them have a picture
OCs: Tomie , Foxah , BloodyShadow , BloodyDown , Anriel , Asgore , Angore (Asriel)

Well this community it dead now

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name: Kuro age: ??? Gender:Male Species:Creepaws Appreance:Teh pic Bio:(Has nothin) Likes:Making good dreams to bad dreams Dislikes:Good dreams

Can the creature be evil?

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You see me hiding in a dark cave with all the other Creepaws

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My fav pics

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Name: Yin
Age: 20
Power(s): Elements, Shapeshifting, Talk to animals, Flight.
Gender: Female
Leader of the Nature territory
Species: Addonexus (google it)
Appearance: Pic
Likes:  Danger Adventure
Dislikes: Peace boredom
Bio: Born to the hood, the were outcast for being 'soft' and unwilling to inflict pain. With her sister, Yang, they formed the nature territory
Personality: Loyal Brave cunning
Name: Yang
Likes: Peace Love Nature
Dislikes: War Danger
Personality: Calm loyal kind clever
same as her sis

I would like to suggest a nature territory
They would be peaceful and trusting. They are close to nature. The other territories besides the hood like them and their territories is a sanctuary for all animal and plant kinds. They like to fight at range and only fight for what they think is right 

May I help mod ?

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Name: Destiny
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Species Dragon/human hybrid
Appearance: she wears a crown with the twelve birthstones
Likes: war danger evil 
Dislikes: peace balance
Bio: her mother was once the sacred leader but her father was hood and she was cast out when born and the hood welcomed her. She now has a twisted heart and wants revenge for her exile.
Hood Leader
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