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Ferris 3 alpha is now available. Ferris is now a general-purpose toolkit that can be used with any framework, so if you're working with search, caching, google apis, you should check it out. Additionally, Ferris has a lot of interesting tooling around Cloud Endpoints that is absolutely worth checking out. Looking forward to your thoughts and feedback!

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Good news for App Engine users. Google decided to give their customers more flexibility how and where they can run apps.

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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to use GAE(with python) as a backend to my android appication for my college project. 

But faculties of my college have no experiance with GAE, so i'm having difficult time in understanding some concepts.

So, I'm looking for mentors who already used GAE as a backend for android projects. It will be very helpful, If someone could please mentor my project ( i would like to ask doubt via gmails or hangout).

Thanks for any help :)

Hi all.

I just started to use google app engine (with python). I got few questions on gae

1) how can we use thirdparty libraries ( i read in some article that, we can't use pip in gae) ?

3) Can we create a text file ? ( since i'm a student, i'm trying to avoid cloud SQL for a while. So in order use GCM, I'm planning  to save device registration ID in text file. It may be worst way to use text file. But for me, performance is not concern )

Thanks for any help !!

Is there anyway to use socket with Google app engine?

Anyone seen this error when trying to navigate the console:

"The user request is invalid. Please check your URL and try again."

Thanks in advance

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Is possible to upload files to GCS from Google Endpoints? I really don't know how to do that.  Thanks so much.

Hello. I need to upload images from Cloud Endpoints  to GAE Blobstore with Python. How Can I do that?

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This post deals with the afterthought of creating a parallel environment for an App Engine application serving Google Cloud Endpoints APIs.  It uses the datastore admin feature for the python SDK to copy all the entities from one project to another.     #gde   #blogpost   #cloudplatform  
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