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Might be a better option than Pi3 for SDR and digital ham applications.

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This week Monday and Tuesday I saw mentions of FT8 on reddit, talked about it at my club Tuesday evening, found some time to upgrade WSJT-X on Wednesday and had the first contacts.

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Release: WSJT-X Version 1.8.0 -

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We invite all young radio amateurs at the age under 20 - 1997 year of birthday and younger - to take part in «Youth marathon» on 20 and 40 meters band, which will take place in the frame of Russian WW MultiMode Contest on 30th September and 1st October, 2017. It is allowed to take part in RUS-WW-MM on other bands, but only contacts of the 20&40 meters band will go into account. But all the contacts must be shown in the log. There are two subgroups of contesters: SINGLE-OP ALL MIXED JUNIOR - single-operator, 20&40m bands, 2-4 modes, MULTI-ONE MIXED JUNIOR [...]

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FT8: Potential new mode for fast QSOs

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Does anybody have experience with multi-operator logging with fllog from fldigi, especially in digital-mode contests?

In a discussion about digital-mode contesting I looked at fldigi and fllog, but searching for experiences in contests with fllog I find nobody who writes about their experiences (negative or positive).

I'm a reasonably satisfied user of fldigi in digital-mode contesting but I haven't run a multi-operator digital-mode contest yet.

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Question for the group. I have a TS2000 and was running the MoenCom gmsk d-star board thru the ACC jack. I bought a Rigblaster Plug and Play and then went from Windows to Mint. I couldn't get the interface to work in Mint so is reinstalled W10. Now no audio in or out via the jack with either item. Any ideas? They were both working fine prior to switching.

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Ok so I have been back and forth a bit with Windows and Linux for digi modes and thought I would share me findings, Both work great, I think performance wise, the Linux Machine wins hands down, for looks and available logging programs, Windows wins, If you are a contester, windows is the way to go for sure, however if you are a casual operator, who likes to work DX and like Digi modes, you will not find a more stable environment to work all the digi modes.
I have not been able to run true FSK RTTY in Linux with my navigator, but Fldigi handles AFSK RTTY well, so no big issue, there are advantages to both, as well as disadvantages, all my filtering works the same with  AFSK and FSK RTTY with my rig and the navigator, so for me it is actually an advantage to use AFSK RTTY. I will try it using FSK RTTY with  MTTY through wine, I read an artical somewhere, that it works very well, so I will find out.
Software for Linux:
CQRlog, handles anything I need, award tracking, Mode for Fldigi, Mode for JT65/JT9 coming soon. Uploads and downloads from Eqsl and LOTW, gives you a report of what is new. 
Fldigi, for all digi modes, except the JT modes.
WSJTX for JT modes, which should be installed from here:
dont forget to install the encoder. and follow ALL the instructions, not like me, who failed to follow all instructions, LOL!
So far so good, I am really enjoying an issue free environment for working DX and all digi modes.
One of the best parts is that I can use a lean distro like Linux Mint XFCE for older machines. 
I put my entire set up on and old P2 machine, this PC would come to a stop with Windows 7 on it, but it is real fast with this edition of Mint on it, I worked Digi modes for 2 weeks, made well over 500 digi qso's with no slow downs or issues at all, of course I am now back to my quad core machine, with the old laptop as a back up, there are some hoops to jump through to get things going 100%, such as adding Ham Software PPA's, so everything stays up to date, If using signalink installing Pulse audio from the software center, and selecting Pulse audio from Fldigi, and all is good, adding myself to the user group for rig control, but all these were minor issues that were simply remedied from the Yahoo reflector for Fldigi:
Lots of experts there to help, I just had to get rid of my Windows thinking. So far everything is great, all software is automatically updated via the package manager, all I do now is get on the air and enjoy Ham radio digi modes, with "0" issues. 
I Like windows, just jump into the challenge of a different OS. and so far I am having fun. and I am pleasantly surprised at the functionality of the Linux OS.
BTW, I have had "0" driver issues. both with the signalink and the Navigator. just plug them in and the work.
Just though I would share my thoughts.
God Bless GDX and happy Thanksgiving to the group.
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