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You gotta be fucking kidding me!!!!! ­čśó­čĺö­čś▒­čśş­čśí­čśá­čśę­čś░­čś×­čśľ­čĺö #NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

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Jurnee aka Rosalee!!!´╗┐

Rosalee knocked that lil boy out so quick!!!! And Noah!!!! He is a savage!!!! #CantWaitForNextWednesdaysEpisode!!!´╗┐

I am sooo annoyed with Rosalee's lil brother!! Its his Fault that she's Stuck in that house..once again!!!´╗┐

That lil girl got dick one time n now she think she smart n got power in the slave owners house!!!´╗┐

That stupid lil boy!!! Those white people really have brain washed him!!!´╗┐

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I can't wait to ernestine get back to normal´╗┐

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What tha.. is this brother hallucinating How he tha HNIC´╗┐
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