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EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITY - At the end of each quarter, I will have a REBE survey.  If you complete it (whether you were honest with your answers or not), you will receive extra credit.  If you randomly select answers, please say that you "randomly selected answers" in the comments part of the survey.  PLEASE BE HONEST WITH YOUR RESPONSES - THANKS!

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PROCRASTINATION - here's the poster that I have in my room. This is most likely a reminder/reinforcement for most of you, but nothing wrong with that! Questions, let me know.

Thought for the day- A common criticism of REBE & similar theories is that you eliminate your emotions. REBE is emotional management, not emotional elimination.
In fact, you may experience more joy, happiness, etc when you use "I prefer..." etc b/c when you do have successes , people do treat you fairly, or life goes in your favor, your preference is met - you enjoy the moment. If you DEMAND successes, being treated fairly, life be easy, then when they happen, your telling yourself, "yeah, I should have done well all along," which is not enjoyment.

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This is the webpage that has the PowerPoint presentation that will hopefully take you through any adversity, and get you to effective coping statements. 

Please read the disclaimer and directions carefully!

If you have any comments (school appropriate) regarding the presentation, please do so.  Remember, this is a public post, so all can see.  Hope this helps - Fasse
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