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Who is your Master/Butler:

Are you a Bulter or Master:



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Name: L

Age: 17

Weapons: Gun and a knife

Who is your Master/Butler: Looking for one.

Are you a Bulter or Master: Butler

Personality: Sweet.Loves reading mysteries, eating sweets and drawing.kinda innocent.

Bio: Loves solving mysteries with his dad before he died. Lived with his mom before deciding to work.


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Name:Kate atan

Age:over 100 years old

Weapons:Pocket Knife and a Katana

Who is your Master/Butler: Looking for one.

Are you a Bulter or Master:Maid

Likes:dancing,singing,being alone sometimes,her master, and whenever it's kinda quiet

Dislikes: people who mess with her or her master,and people who annoy her

Personality:is a bad bitch but when you get to know her she is really kind


Name: Vanessa Snow

Age: 17

Weapons: Knife and a Katana

Who is your Master/Butler: Looking for one.

Are you a Bulter or Master: Maid.

Personality: Sweet. Kinda shy. Loves animals, cooking, reading and singing. innocent.

Bio: She was raised with a kinda normal life. It was her, her mom, and her sister. She was taught to fight and then kicked out when she told her mom she was bi. She is looking for Another Master male or female it doesnt matter.

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ᴀ ɢᴜɴ

Who is your Master/Butler:

Are you a Bulter or Master:

& ѕняєω∂
ѕσмєтιмєѕ ιѕ ѕωєєт :ᴅ

cιεℓ ωαs тнεη sσℓ∂, αη∂ нιs кι∂ηαρρεяs cσммεηтε∂ тнαт нε ιs "яαяε" αη∂ ωσятн мσяε тнαη тωσ ρεσρℓε. нε ωαs вσυgнт αη∂ вяαη∂ε∂ вү нιs ηεω σωηεяs, gιvιηg нιм тнε мαяк σғ α "ησвℓε вεαsт." нε cяιε∂ тнαт нε ωαs нυят, ∂ιятү, αη∂ нσмεsιcк. нε ωαs тнεη cнαιηε∂ ιη α cαgε ωнιℓε мαsкε∂ α∂υℓтs ℓσσкε∂ ση αη∂ яεмαякε∂ αвσυт ωнαт α sρℓεη∂ι∂ εvεηιηg тнεү ωιℓℓ нαvε. cιεℓ sα∂ℓү ωση∂εяε∂ ωнү ησ σηε ωαs тнεяε тσ нεℓρ нιм. σηε σғ тнε мαsкε∂ α∂υℓтs тнεη ρℓαcε∂ нιм ση α тαвℓε αs α sαcяιғιcε, αη∂ нε ωαs sтαввε∂ ωнιℓε тнε яεsт ℓσσкε∂ ση gℓεεғυℓℓү.[43] ιη α ∂εsρεяαтε ∂εsιяε тσ кιℓℓ αℓℓ σғ нιs тσямεηтσяs, cιεℓ sσмεнσω мαηαgε∂ тσ sυммση sεвαsтιαη αт тнιs ρσιηт. нε αρρεαяε∂ ιη нιs тяυε ∂εмση ғσям αη∂ тσℓ∂ cιεℓ тнαт ωнαт нε нα∂ sαcяιғιcε∂ ωιℓℓ ηεvεя яεтυяη. sεвαsтιαη αsкε∂ cιεℓ ιғ нε ωαηтε∂ тσ мαкε α cσηтяαcт αη∂ нαvε нιs ωιsнεs gяαηтε∂. cιεℓ ∂εcℓαяε∂ тнαт нε ωαηтε∂ тнε ρσωεя тσ тαкε яεvεηgε ση тнσsε ωнσ мιsтяεαтε∂ нιм.

[]I was lazy and copy and pasted. Do you want that bio boo?[]
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Name: Kat

Age: 15

Weapons: Knife

Who is your Master/Butler: None yet

Are you a Bulter or Master: Maid

Personality: Kind, gets worried easily

Bio: Unknown

Hey guys I'm planning on making my own YouTube channel 😂😂😂sorry not part of this page but I just wanted to post something on +Rainbowsweetypi s thing lol. If ya want to know what it's about feel free and ask me 😊Idm

Name: Lily

Age: 18

Is your character a maid/butler?: maid

Who's your character?: maid

Who's her master?: No one

Does your character go to school? If so what kind?: high school

Does your character have a job?: No

Likes: Cats,drawing,helping people,party,sleeping,being on internet

Dislikes: People being mad at her,lazyness,parents (alittle),rude being,bullying

Bio: Lily was a magical kinda girl who has powers to do stuff.Her parents were kinda weird like her mother drinks alchool but when she stops drinking it she feels like about to die and dad works so hard that he is in coma. Lily has to live alone with her cat Mady. When Lily is at school she has bullies and the bullies and everyday her money. Lily is poor and tries to find a job.

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Name: Cool cat
Age: 20
Weapons: sword
Who is your master/butler: +Bonnie The Bunny​ (master)
Are you a butler or master: im a butler
Personally: evil but nice
Bio: unknown
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