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Welcome to the new spawn of Gorillaz Universe, Infinite Galaxy, and Multiverse here you'll find the same but there are things that are allowed, such as shipping Art (As long as no fighting, or Wars, please read through to the rules below.) This community is bilingual as well!, peeps from all over foreign country's can join and speak in their native language!, I am glad to be back in the Owner's seat where I belong!. now enjoy your stay here in *GORILLAZ METROPOLIS.

|| Community Legend Outline ||

~Group Discussion- simply that.

~From The Owner- Owners can only post here.

~Music Videos- Anything Gorillaz Even Damon Albarn

~Music Tracks- Songs from Any Gorillaz Album/ Remixes welcome!

~Gorillaz Fanart- You've drawn it?, show it off here!

~Gorillaz Special Announcements- Anything that needs to be addressed Gorillaz related.

~Gorillaz Random Video Rarities- Anything Fanmade or Gorillaz related.

~Gorillaz Merchandise Showcase- you've got it?, show it off!

~Moderator Corner- Mods can assist Member issues.

~Gorillaz App- any images from the Gorillaz App can be posted here.

~Gorillaz Amino App- Anything from the Amino App Community can be posted here.

~Telekom Gorillaz LENZ App- Edits welcome here!

~Other Communities /Advertisement Post- Anything appropriate can be posted here.

~Gorillaz selfie Corner- Face reveals?, show them here (optional.)

~Gorillaz Cosplay Corner- Doing a Cosplay?, or know a Cosplayer post them here.

~Gorillaz Aesthetics Post- Anything Aesthetics and Gorillaz related can be posted here.

~Gorillaz OC's Corner- Let the Creativity flow!

~Gorillaz Fanchild Corner- Got a Fanchild?, show them off here!.

~Gorillaz Memes- Only Gorillaz Memes.

~Gorillaz Free Range Shit post- Anything that contains spam can be posted to your hearts content, here.

Guidelines For Community :

1. No spammed posts (No duplicated posts.)
2. No ship wars.
3. No posts containing partial or full nudity.
5. 2DOC, 2NU, will be held under discretion by the Owner/s and Mods to discuss.
6. Harassing/Bullying will NOT be allowed!
7. Fangirling/Fanboying is fine, with canon role players, but anything overly obsessive will NOT be tolerated!.

Consequences for Insubordination

1.You will receive a warning.
2.You will be reported.
3.You will be asked to leave.
4.You will be banned.

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art by my friend +neptune
he really needs more recognition so im posting his art for you all to see!

this is only really their gorillaz/studio killers art, but theres a lot more on their page xoxo
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Hello! I saw the community so I thought, why don’t I join it? It’ll be fun! Right?
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