That's all, folks.

Hey, everyone. This afternoon I got the graded the final exams from the +Unmesh Deodhar and +Susham Yerabolu. I'd like to thank them for their focus and quick turn-around on what turned out to be a ton of grading this summer.

I sent each of you a report with all of your project, quiz, POA, and final exam grades. That report also includes your final letter grade (down at the bottom). I also recorded your grade in banweb. (Can you access that yet? If so, please take a moment and make sure that I entered your grade correctly.)

If you have any questions or concerns about your grades, please contact me immediately. I believe I have until Tuesday at 5 PM to make changes (without a ton of paperwork).

Again, thank you all for taking Advanced Programming with Java this term. It was a busy 8 weeks and I appreciate all of the hard work that you put in.

I wish you all the best of luck in whatever comes next. If you'd like to talk about the rest of your academic career or what your options are after graduation, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy your well-deserved break.



Project 5 submissions are graded.

Hey, everyone.

I just finished grading the submissions for Project 5 that I've received. If you did not receive a grade and believe you should have, please contact me immediately.

I enjoyed seeing the creativity that many of you applied to your Project. I hope that you had a good time figuring out GWT and learning about developing a user interface.

I've asked the Graders to have the scores for the final exams to me by mid-day tomorrow. My goal is to crunch your letter grades tomorrow afternoon and get them to you by tomorrow evening.

More to come...

Is it ok to give the user something like a drop down menu to select between am or pm, or should we give them a text box to enter that information in?

I expect that it'll be ok because in the first 2-3 projects we demonstrated our "mastery of input validation", but just wanted to check in.


Just a reminder, the final exam starts at 6 PM tonight. Expect to spend about two and a half hours there.

When I run 'mvn package' I get this error:

"[ERROR] Line 3: Rebind result 'edu.pdx.cs410J.jruth2.client.AirlineGwt' has no default (zero argument) constructors"

My project compiled just fine last night. Has anyone else seen this error? If so how did you fix it? Thanks!

The instructions for Project 5 say that we should send our submissions to However, I have been receiving grade reports from Can anyone confirm that both of these addresses resolve to the same mailbox? Thanks!

Has anyone discovered a good way to display multiple lines when outputting to a textbox? When I create a string containing "\n" for newline spaces it shows up fine on alerts, however when I try to set this string as the content of a textbox it all displays in one continuous line...

I'm started to get a message "Couldn't load airline from Super Dev Mode" if I want to just run Jetty and haven't yet found a solution to it. What could be causing it?

Hey, everyone.

First off, I ran all of the Project 5 submissions through a script that built your projects, started up Jetty, and hit the GWT application's URL. Everyone's submissions passed that much, which is a good indication that you all submitted all of your code. The Graders and I talked last night and we agreed that they would focus on the scoring the written portion of the final exam and I would focus on grading the Project 5 submissions. I hope to start in on that tonight (because there are a lot of them!).

I also reviewed the "Ideal Curriculum" emails that you sent last night. Thank you all very much for your detailed descriptions of an ideal undergraduate CS program. You showed a lot of creativity in your responses and I'm sure there were a lot of interesting conversations. I hope you enjoyed the activity.

I'll keep you posted on the progress that the Graders and I make towards finishing up the final assessment for the course.

(Oh. And in case anyone forgot to fill out the end-of-the-term survey on D2L, I extended the deadline until noon today. Also, please be sure to fill out the PSU-sponsored online course evaluation.)

I got most of my "happy path" working and want to start working on the UI, how can I get rid of the "This is the beginning of your GWT User Interface"? I don't see the code for this part.
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