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Hi friends, we have updated our IBAN validation app for Android. Check it out!

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Merry Christmas dear friends.

May the spirit of the Christmas fill your home with peace, joy and love. We wish you all merry Christmas and Happy new year.

From the VMSoft team.

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GSM Signal Monitor v1.6.3 is out now!

This update features:
* Signal low notifications
* Voice notifications for 'signal lost' and 'signal restored' events.
* The app can now notify you when the GSM signal is restored.
* Quite Hours (the app can be configured to suppress it's notification during specified time period)
* Information about the GSM signal strength in decibels (dBm)

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Our numbers guessing game got an update. Bulls & Cows version 2.1 is here with some enhancements and improvements such as:

* When you mark a digit as excluded in the draft, the corresponding digit will be disabled on the keyboard.
* When the hint button is used, the hinted digits will stay on their corresponding cells after each guess, unless you delete them using the "X" button.
* Support for large aspect ratios (LG G6, Samsung Galaxy S8)
* For devices with Android 7.0 and up, we support multi window mode.
* End game music is now disabled by default.
* Button vibration is now disabled by default.

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Few Power Ups and their properties, from the upcoming version of Alien Swarm :)

Meanwhile you can play:

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An update of Alien Swarm is on its way! Here are few improvements you will notice in the upcoming version:

* Bosses will now spawn additional minions when they reach certain amount of health. Affects 'Normal', 'Hard' and 'Impossible' game modes.
* You are no longer able to gain high score when playing with 'God mode' turned on.
* 'New life' and 'High score' notifications are disabled when playing with 'God mode'.

Beside this we will do our best to bring you a rich set of power ups, and aliens that will make you sweat...

So stay tuned

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Because one of our team members is doing the 50 day push up challenge, we are introducing our newest app. 'Push Ups'

Push Ups is an app that helps you count your push ups and records them in a training log where you can later review your progress day by day.

Push Ups features:
* Can count push ups with the device proximity sensor or touching anywhere on the screen.
* Keeps the device screen on during a workout.
* Training log grouped by months.
* It prevents double counting if for example you lean toward the device proximity sensor and accidentally touch the screen.
* Plays beep sound when a push up is recorded (can be disabled from the settings screen).

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Happy Fruits (Jewels) version 1.1 is out now.

What's new:
* Changed ad position.
* You can now remove the ads from the game.

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Alien Swarm 1.4.2 is out now!

What's new:
* You can now remove the ads from the game.
* Interface improvements.

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Tic Tac Toe v4.0.2 is out now!

What's new:
* You can now remove the ads from the game.
* Interface improvements´╗┐
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