This game is a classic, but in order to people to know it, we need step 2.

I'm not the first to say this, and I hope I won't be the last: Please, please make a Step 2. I loved your first game, and I've played it on and off for a year and a half now. If you Kickstart it, I'll back it; if you set up a Patreon, I'll fund it--but please, if you can, take up the thread of this amazing game and help us see where it winds.

Please make a Step 2!  I've been waiting years.

I hope as well that Step 2 may come soon.

I'm still hoping Step 2 will happen. I need it :-/

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7 Grand Steps is available in a Humble Bundle with some really nice games, right now.

:( Still waiting for step 2

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Mousechief has new servers. To celebrate: 1. Discount our Steam games 50%, all week. 2. Officially announce TANK or BOYFRIEND!

Mousechief dot com  is in a transition period. Accessing the new pages may take another day or two. Be sure to refresh your browser.

OMG. I have played Step 1 several times to completion now and am dying for step 2.  Thanks for making a simple but intoxicating game!

Mousechief will be showing it's games to attendees at NorWesCon this weekend. We'll even have an early build of our next game.
 Find us in the Artists Alley.
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