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Hello lady's! how are you doing?
Will for me I am lonely and I am looking for a female how is singel and does not have any mental or daddy issues.
Must be at least 18 + up.
I am 39 yrs old male.
From Denver,colorado.
Never married do have one dugather she is 17 now.
I do smoke weed,dab,wax,L.S.D. & mushrooms.
I am not a big drinker once in awhile I like to drink four LO Cos: sour Apple or fruit punch.
No i don't work if you wear woundering I do get money from the government.
I am a little crazy in a good way. So don't freakout ladies I am not some washed phyco or some stalker.
I mostly am shy but I am trying to get out of that.
Yes I do smoke ciggrites.
Trying to have enough will power to quite.
I want to have a wife so maybe I can hope to have a son to carry my last name and have blood rights.
I am NATIVE AMERICAN: apache and black foot.
I also have Irish blood lines in my blood line.
But I am mostly very loving person.
I was born in 10.17.77 @ 12:45am
But if you ladies think you might want to get to know me than hit me up on facebook messenger. Or you can get hold of me at sexyzombie6@gmail.
If you are just sick of not finding that perfect person then quite.
Because no one is perfect....
Maybe perfect soul match but this is the new generation and women these days are more independent which is good because she not a gold digger and you don't have to worrying about her going through your pockets or walet.
But I am looking for someone how is not looking for a one night stand And not going to play mind games and must be faithful to me as I will be to you.
Thnk for taking the time to read this ladies

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I would love to have a girlfriend but no girls like if girls who are single and like me get in touch with me please thank you x xx

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I am single and looking for a girlfriend in Longridge nr Preston
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" Why does it still hurt ."

As my eyes tear up with tears , I stand here looking over the shadows , that feels my tear ducks with salt water and dust began to form.

The shadows that I stand upon Scheels me from the rain of my tears that no one can see, that I am crying still, barefoot and running through the waters that comes up so high pass my knees, as I stand tall and I stand here and I stand there and wait and wait and no one comes, do you think it's too late

I've been left behind, so many times, as the waters of my tears swallow me up and drowns me and holds me near as there for awhile.

My tears, my end to dance my internal self of a human of nature, I am, I live here, I grow up here, as I was born to breed, born to love, and free to think, and safe to work, as our children will grow, as you were teach them, and do your part, to plant your seeds so therefore one day it will grow, to show no tears Will shatter will break, the bond of the rain that I plan to dance again.
By: thedove

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Why is it so hard to meet an honest decent guy\man ? ?.

As I do date outside of my race, something like tall blonde and light eyes.
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♐️Life is unpredictable, life is a journey that we all have to conquer on our own, as we make unrashable discussion, we tend to love to quickly as even give our tasty sweets away, as we journey through life and make or path our life, just remember to take your time and let life take its course in place, so understand the way of the road as life lessons will teach you, so be carful in who you love!
By the Dove✨
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