I purchased your app (running on Samsung S5 with Android 6.0.1) but having trouble getting the sync to work.

I have OmniFocus 2.11.2 running on my MacBook Pro (10.12.6) and am using WebDavNav Server (https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/webdavnav-server/id747482894?mt=12) . The sync between omnifocus and server if working fine.

But adding the sync details to FocusGTD just returns with 'Please enter a valid username/password/url combination'
I have verified again and again details.

Any help?

I just purchased FocusGTD earlier today and it is totally worth it to be able to sync my OmniFocus tasks on my Android phone. Thank you so much for putting this together.

One thing I would really like to see is a home screen widget similar to the GTasks widget. It's fairly simple, just shows a list of tasks and their due dates sorted by due date with a checkbox next to each item so you can mark a task as complete straight from the widget without needing to open the app. The top of the widget has a plus sign that sends you to the app to add a new task. One thing I like about it is that you can customize the size of the widget and it has a completely transparent background.

Failed to sync folder re-arrange: Moving folder out of its parent folder on Mac, sync it to WEBDAV, then sync it from FocusGTD, nothing changed.

Drop down lists for Context and Projects does not seem to be in logical alphabetical order.  For Example, my "Waiting for" context appears before my "Delegated" context.

Ability to view Perspectives.  Fantastic App by the way Rainer!  Your app is definitely in the Top 5 in my app portfolio!

Synchronization working only one-way.

I just downloaded and setup FocusGTD. When I add an action in the mobile app, it doesn't sync to OmniFocus. However, when I add an action in native OmniFocus f/Mac, FocusGTD sees it immediately upon sync.

This is blocking me ... any workarounds?

released new version to the store.
* FIX: improved handling when an invalid URL is entered for the account
* FIX: fixed rare crash when uploading changes for the first time
* FIX: wrong sorting in context list
* FIX: deleting a context in OmniFocus would not delete it within the app
* IMPROVEMENT: improved handling of the context/project comboboxes when editing a task

* FIX: improved the stability of the app
* FEATURE: added quick entry dialog, home screen shortcut
  - now you can save a home screen shortcut that will
    open a window which will allow you to quickly
    add tasks to the inbox

New Version released!

* FIX: fixed rare crashes when navigating up
* FIX: improved synchronization reliability when synchronizing with OF2
* FIX: fixed issue where there where multiple sync icons on top of each other
* FEATURE: added option to show completed tasks (use the menu key)
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