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Name] Blue Axinite

[Nicknames] Shocker, Mini Blue

[Gem type(s)] Blue Axinite

Homeworld Gem Number: BD 13052741

[Gem placement] Nape

[Pronouns] He/Him

[D.O.B] Over 5000 years ago

[Age] Unknown

[Age appearance] 19

[About] Spying on the Crystal Gems for Blue Diamond

[Orientation] Pansexual

[Likes] Blue Pearl, Blue Diamond, food

[Dislikes] The Crystal Gems Steven in perticular, Earth, Yellow Diamond

[Weapon] Monk Spade

Default abilities: Weapon generating, fusion, bubbling, shapeshifting

Special abilities: Electrokinesis, Sand manipulation

[Friends] Blue Diamond, Blue Pearl

[Romantic interests] N/A

[Enemies] The Crystal Gems

[Biography] He was practically raised by Blue Diamond as he just came out just before the first gem war. he cares deeply for her and will do anything for her as such he went to earth to spy and gather information on the Crystal Gems to find their weakness for the next war (Sorry if it sucks)


Attack: 6
Defense: 5
Speed: 15
Weapon/magic mastery: 14

Artist: Unknown #NotMyArt
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We need more activity people!!!

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Name] Yellow Diamond W.I.P

[Nicknames] My Diamonds ((Followers))
Clod ((Peridot))

[Gem type(s)]
Yellow Diamond

Homeworld Gem Number:
[Gem placement]
Commander in chief

[Age appearance]
20s to 30s

For the Cluster to grow
Eliminate all organic life
The rebellion


Default abilities:
Special abilities:

Homeworld Gems
The Diamond Authority
[Romantic interests]
The Crystal Gems

Yellow Diamond, as one of the rulers of Homeworld, is of a massive size, her height making a common pearl's pale in comparison. She has a pointed, upturned nose, plump lips and an unusually long neck. Her hair is a short bob with two spiked tips. She has black eyebrows, and black markings around both her eyes, which are bright yellow with diamond shaped pupils. She wears a black and olive bodysuit similar to the ones worn by Jasper, Peridot, and Garnet, as well as a yellow coat with very large shoulder pads and a cutout for her gemstone. She also wears gloves of a slightly darker yellow and very dark olive yellow boots.

She puts forth her agenda under the guise that it is what is best for the Gem race. This is evident when she chooses to reject Peridot's proposal to utilize the Earth again, despite the fact that Homeworld is low on resources, as stated in "Too Short to Ride".

Attack: ??
Defense: ??
Speed: ??
Weapon/magic mastery: ??


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I found another one!!!!!!!!!!!

(Fusion Rp)

Quin was waiting for Emerald on the Beach.

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[Name]: Aaron Chester.

[Nickname]:The A man (Lmao)

[Gem Type(s)]:Red Diamond

[Homeworld Gem Number]: 844371 Red Diamond

[Gem Placement]:Stomach

[Pronouns] Him, That

[D.O.B]: Unexplained.

[Age]: Well, Not that old 765 Years old

[Age Appearance]: Looks about' 17

[About]: Just Live Life like a normal person

[Orientation]: I'm straight :>)

[Likes]: Fries, People, sOME sERIOUS gALS

[Dislikes]: Cheaters, Homeworld

[Default Abilities]: Floating, Flying,Shape shifting, Fusion, Regeneratin]

[Special abilities]: The Diamond Blaster [Waste all energy, uses when he actually needs it

[Romantic Interest]: Whut is love, baby don't hurt me, Don't hurt me, ANY MOREE

[Enemies]: Homeworld, Chicken Shop

Weapon Type: Sword

Weapon Height: 17 cm

Weapon Weight: 29 lbs

Weapon Abilities: Get Longer when Needed to

Weapon Upgrades: None yet

Weapon User: Aaron Chester

Biography: Not Explained

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