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Hey there. I've just released a teaser for my new short film coming out next year. Let me know what you think of it please. I'd really like to find new ways to improve. Thanks.

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It's Halloween Month On Wagnerds Clan !!!!

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The best way to have the best #LocationToShootFilm is rent the one of the best Miracle Mile property in Los Angeles.

#5401Olympic is available with its mansion looking exterior and captivating entrance. The property is ready to be your next #FilmingLocation. It is fully furnished with the most high end furniture like restoration hardware.

The house is built in surveillance or security cameras both inside and outside the property in case you need that type of camera effect. And it has also many friendly film feature that you will surely appreciate.

Let this large 1920s Spanish Style property be your #MovieFilmingLocation.

For further information and availability you may visit .
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Universe At War | The Threat | Episode Two

Check out this AWSOME new ScFi series ! All filmed on a iPhone 6 ! 

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Universe At War ( Sc-Fi Action YouTube Series ) Episode 1 | This ENTIRE film was filmed and edited on a iPhone 6 ! Please check it out and tell us what you think !

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We're nearly there!!! The upcoming What's The Alternative? Productions SUPER short film, "7" is nearly finished and ready for it's 7 Day Premiere on June 7th!! Available to view online for 7 days ONLY!

See the teaser for the film below and be sure to subscribe NOW at

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Hope it's ok to leave this post here : ) its more of a self promotion so let me know if its a no go! :
We are just a couple of likes away from the final of the Gorilla 48 filmmaker competition!

We you have 48 hours to improvise and make a movie using the tools and ideas provided by the producers of the competition : )

Its an honor making it to the final 21 and to be amongst so many great filmmakers (it's very humbling!)

All we need is a simple like from you on Youtube and we will be one step closer to the finals on the 4th of July where we can represent our film in front a Jury ( and presumably sweat like pigs : D )

Thank you very much for your support
Kareem Davis Jr

Special thanks to Oubo for providing Lighting and Green Screen equipment, if your a photographer or filmmaker you can check them out for great discounts on Youtube at : fotoubo

Hey guys,
Please check out ( and like and share) our submission for the 2nd 48 hours gorilla film making competition!
No real equipment, no time, just improvisation with the tools and tasks handed out by the organization.

Loads of stress and tons of fun, our little humble bilingual film has made it very far, but we would love to make it into the top 7 ( currently we are in the final 21)

A simple Youtube like is all we need : D

Also check out the competition, their really on form for this one !!

God bless,
Kareem Davis Jr

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