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Name:Kira Tomahada
Age:13 / 16
Race:American and Japanese
Looks:Black hair,light purple eyes,pale skin,rosy cheeks
Skills:Robot building,and drawing
Favorite food:Japanese Noddles
Favorite candy:Dango
Favorite drink:Floating ice cream soda
Bio:I live to built!

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Clay was sitting at the table, drinking a glass of tea. He had mechanical parts spread out on the table and he was slowly, but surly putting them back together. His atention seemed to be in a whole other world. That was until someone bumped into him and startled him.


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Name: Clay Kudo

Age: 17

Sex: male

Height: 5'10


Hair Color:black

Eye Color:blue

Skin Tone: caucasion

Job/School: mechanic

Disability: he lost his left leg in a car accident when he was 4.

Known Family:Older brother, niece, nephew, and sister in law

Likes: food, mechines, outdoors, people

Dislikes: tomatos, snakes jerks

Biography: Clays parents died in a car accodent when he was 4. That was when he lostvhis left leg. He grew up with his older brother who taught him everything he knows about machines.

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kira has been working on a battle suit,for 6 months,until she finally right.She decided to head to a cafe to meet with her friend hiro,and then while she walk down the street without paying attention reading a book she bump on to you (( +Alexandra Noble​​))
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I saw the community when i was looking at posted stuff and thought it looked interesting.
There a profile template i gotta follow or no? O_o
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Thanks For invite!
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