Today nobody can prove the existence or nonexistence of a creator of the universe. So both cases are possible. The probability assigned to such existence depends on each one, however assigning a probability ZERO (atheists) is as dogmatic as assigning a probability ONE (believers). Therefore, without accepting or denying such existence, one can ask: What features could have a creator if He has to be COMPATIBLE with all the scientific knowledge we have of the universe, nature and ourselves? The answer could be…

If God exists and created this marvelous universe, He must be almighty, wise, full of goodness and justice. He would be much greater than the "holy books" of all religions (plagued with errors, falsehoods, contradictions and absurdities), and He would have created the natural laws that lead to all the impressive phenomena that we observe around, including human being (with his freewill, his consciousness and his use of reason; whose clarification constitute a great challenge for Science).

Human being can decide his role in nature, from a harmonious coexistence to his self-elimination. God could measure the degree of appreciation and understanding we have of his creation, and He would be identifying the innocent and the guilty of the suffering and the destruction of the Earth (clerics included).

Being good is simply: not to damage oneself, nor others, nor nature (the gods of all religions would agree with this). And, if God exists, He´ll punish the bad, not the good, believers or not, because otherwise He would be a vain, intolerant and unjust God.

But if that magnificent God exists, one wonders: would he sends natural disasters in which so many innocent people die or become hopeless?

The answer would be that, as with diseases and accidents, this is His way of telling us that we must be prepared, as individuals and as a society, to live with nature; we must know it very well scientifically to avoid and fight diseases, prevent accidents, and to foresee and act in natural disasters. We must, in addition, be good people at all times, thus always be ready for the departing time.

For all this, we see that to live a good happy life, without prejudice or fear, it is enough to be good, strive to learn the real world, and build just and humanitarian societies that take advantage of and respect nature.

This could be the basis for a Scientific Religion, which would unify all the others, take aside intolerance, would finish dangerous and absurd cults, and eliminate superstition and quackery that lures and hurts people so. (This is only a suggestion to the currently existing religions)

The above conclusions are based on experience, use of reason, feelings, and knowledge. This probable Scientific God, compatible with all our scientific knowledge of the world and ourselves, doesn´t demand us to believe or thanking or praising continuously to Him, nor require intermediaries; only asks us to know and respect his creation (us included). This way, there would be no difference between believers, skeptics, agnostics, atheists, clerics and scientists; it would only be difference between good and bad (with the corresponding nuances).

The problem is not God but the religions and their fanatic clerics


Cuff of this phrase I say,
Miniature yet  monstrous play.
Infinite loop , a legend unbroken,
I elevates the malady so spoken.

Forgotten bonds, deviated deeds,
Instills to sow all malign seeds.

Wisdom pronounces the trails to unwind,
Dismantle the I embraced so in blind.
Unite with light, extol true sense,
Let self be risen with the WE essence.

Trawled all nooks to get the I,
Lost it to get the scent of I,
Slipped it again when found my I.

Fruitless  redundant phrase , in all  views,
Entangled in ignorance it brews.
Come above, mount  beyond,
Let We hail from here on.

For it is the word, it is the core,
It is the spirit , of peace galore.

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It is always about self-realization when you encounter any failures. It’s on you how you’ll deal with the failure’s positive edge. Failures are actually an optimist’s call to success.  

Odyssey around  and voyage deep in,
Our last abode we keep abasing.
Adrifted goals , skewed path,
Nips  infant in the very start.

Lost is the touch, lost is the  ray,
Yet not late, let blossom stay.

Hike past the swampy deceit,
Or shackled shall you ever breathe.
Behemoth as it may all seem,
Fear not , must you dream dream dream.

Let not the first foot be the last,
For second is the field of deeds.
Hitherto you move to dig the mast,
In decay goes the sown seeds.

Let rearward move the era,
Too abroad have we flung.
Regain the long lost sense,
Expurgate the fog much dense.

Last are the days, last bits to save .
Heaps to free or endless crave.

The biggest issue is that we know the deadly issues, still we sit silent , and keep  adding to more of them.. Because the solution may lessen our comforts !  :)

Job more or less gives us just money and a professional designation, and we dedicate our maximum part to it. Sitting on chair, listening to everyone and burning night lamps. Nature gives us water, land, food, air, water, fire, cloth, this body and endless things. Still we take nature for granted and have negligible time to thank  or nurture the nature. The extent of thanklessness is to such a huge extent that we have guts to ruin her , in spite of her sustaining us so damn patiently. I am sure there is limit to even the patience nature possess.. And when it ends , that will be a absolute havoc. :)

Differentiating between people based on color, demographic locations, the economy of the piece of land, skin color, LANGUAGE WE SPEAK, and the looks we bear is like saying your one kidney is better than another even when both are equally healthy :)

Why do we swear so much? To add weight to our words ? 
DO we think ourselves as one, who people wouldn't normally believe without swearing? lets be a human of such high character that people believe our words with no doubt at all any time and every time... :)

On THE WAY, fears will loose their foothold automatically, no special efforts are required, only effort is to keep walking with focus inside. the faith that keeps us walking takes care of lot of things. :)

we create a healthy inspiring environment around us, by visiting places, meeting people, reading texts. But, lets not just focus ob creating environment only. Lets do it..!! lets do what we have been inspiring for..!! lets follow some hunches, lets explore avenues we have been dreaming of...Lets take a peep inside..!! :)
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