I just finished Lies and JEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ! Zil went from no-one to an antagonist!

I just finished Light and I feel like I'm going to explode!

And that acknowledgement at the end...

Just the whole thing was so sad!!!

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I just finished the second book in the Gone series.
It is such an awesome book. I almost cried when Diana dies. And now I HAVE to read the next book

im done!!!! noooo!!!! trying not to spoile but why did she die she was so close!!!!

OMG!! I have nothing left to do with my life!! I've finished light!!!!! AAARRRRGGGGHHHHH

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I'm reading fear right now! It's gonna be so sad when it ends book series like this would be amazing if they never ended...

So who wants to have a Gone live action made out of the series?   That's a stupid question... Do you want to have TV series or a Movie based on the books?

I personally prefer a movie - I think that they have bigger budget and can afford better actors and Special effects.
Cause..we're speaking of a talking coyote or a flying snake...and a healing scar in front out our eyes...shooting flames? Whip arm? Darkness? All the freaks? Yeah.
  Like a movie per book.

So a movie or TV series?

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Hello world...So yeah, I don't like really hellos.
 So yeah...This is the Gone series community...Hope you'll enjoy...
Well there is nothing to enjoy yet...but...there will be soon...when my net will work properly...Umm...So let me Explin:

Discusion: As it says - wel talks about the series in that section
Trailers: Again, the "movie" trailers
Pictures: Fun drawn pictures or just any pictures ABOUT THE BOOK!
Fan-fiction: Yeah that happens in life, suck it haters - I don't care if you support CeinxDrake...(Totaly HOT) ANYTHING you want
chapters: I guess Only I will be bothered to use that part...There you can write a bit of a chapter or a moment that you wanna share with us~

Since the book is MATURE CONTENT rated - use rude words if you like, talk about perv stuff, talk about your wet dreams about Diana X Astrid hot sex...Do whatever you want!

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