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Any recommendations for great places to eat in Edinburgh?


I want to start a local guide community in my area. There is not a single community in Pakistan! Can someone guide me as to how i start and more importantly, how do I find local guides in my area and contact them. I can see some of them reviewing places but don't know how to contact them.

Thanks for your help!

Hen party help! Hi all, planning a hen do for later in the year and wondering where local guides would suggest going/activites to take part in? I think we're likely to go for a cocktail making class as part of it so any reccomendations for that/food would be very welcome!

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24 hours in Edinburgh... where would you recommend? I'm making a #MyMap  of the places you'd pick out for someone spending 24 hours in the city. Let me know which spots you'd suggest for sight-seeing, eating and drinking!

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Any favourite spots for Pancake day today in Edinburgh? Sounds like +Broughton Delicatessen do some pretty mean American style pancakes. Any others?

Late Night Edinburgh! Apart from a pub, is there anywhere good to go for a coffee after 10pm? Or even after midnight?

Hey Edinburgh Local Guides - what are the hottest / crazy food trends happening in the city at the moment?
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