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Name: What's your name?
Age: How old are you?
Gender: Please please tell me you know what this is...
Species: Try to remain humanoid, if you choose a god for species keep in mind you are not immortal and this does not grant you abstinence to the second rule of the community.
Faceclaim: Name and series the image comes from. Please provide an image at the bottom of your profile.

Equipment: What weaponry or items does your character have?

Appearance: What do you look like?
Personality: How do you act?
History/trivia (Optional): What's your past. If you don't want to make a history you'll have to make a trivia section. Don't worry, trivia is just little tidbit facts about your character not already present in the other sections.

Techniques (limit to 6 max for new characters, you may gain more in time)
Name of Technique
Type of technique: Offensive, defensive, or supplementary.
Effect: Short hand describe, main description below.
Description: What's it do?
Duration: How long can it last?
Cooldown: How long will it take before reuse?

Note to new characters: You can add any fields you want to this, but I do ask that you supply the minimum information already provided to you above.
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Please be aware that, as of late, the Academy has become inactive. I will say this now so any debates as to what this place is for will be abated as quickly as they arise. This Academy is designated for the advancement of rising writers such as yourself who are interested in the arts and trades of Written Roleplay and it's deviant counterparts. This Academy focuses on Story-Based and Free-Form Roleplay, which are two categories of Written Roleplay. They will be explained below. For now, the topic of discussion is the lack of activity and the seeming need to see this as "just another community." This is NOT your typical RP community. Be aware of that, please. As I said, this Academy is based on furthering your education in regards to Roleplay, and we, the moderators and staff will gladly lend a hand if there is something you do not understand, and will demonstrate as needed to the best of our abilities.


Story-Based Roleplay is a form of Roleplay in which the story, improvised or not, unfolds, and may involve more than two or three characters. This is also a part of something called Turn-Based Roleplay, in which you, the Roleplayer, must conspire with your affiliates, and decide a turn pattern. This can be in any order be it alphabetical by character names, character class, what have you. THIS ORDER IS IMPORTANT SO PEOPLE AREN'T DOING TEN DIFFERENT THINGS SIMULTANEOUSLY. Clusters like that are headache inducing and agitating.

Free-Form Roleplay is a form of Roleplay in which there is typically something similar to a Game Master, or GM. Whether or not +Brother 'Suke will say the same, I'm not sure, but this is what I remember and know. In short, the GM controls the NPC's, and makes them do various things. (Unless you're REALLY good at multi-chara RP, I'd stick with ONE NPC.)

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Hewo, Im Rose~<3

Name~ Rose Petal
Age~ 16
Gender~ Girl
Species~ Mew 
Faceclaim~ Mew from pokemon
Relationship~ Nobody yet ;-;
Likes~ Playing and having fun. Strawberries. Cuddles and hugs~!
Dislikes~ Mean people. Loud music. Not having fun.
Appearance~ A pink fluffy ball of cute.
Personality~ Friendly and sweet. Likes to have fun.
Bio~ Im a Mew from far away. I came here to have fun and maybe find new friends. I live in Evergreen. Dont catch me, I dont want to have a trainer. ;-;

Effect~ Makes and invulnerable bubble around me.
Description~ Makes an invulnerable bubble of psychic energy around me or near me that can act as both a hard surface during attack or a cushion for impacts. Can also be used to protect others.
Duration~ as long as I need it
Cooldown~ none

I dont know
Effect~ Turns into another pokemon.
Description~ Alters my DNA and cellular structure to become any pokemon Ive seen.
Duration~ as long as I want
Cooldown~ none
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"HM. Well.. This place has been quite inactive, it needs someone to kick start it..."

This is the Arena, where students, if they have any problems, can hash it out. To avoid the Classroom Chaos, you see. This is also a NDA (Non-Death Area), meaning that defeat here does not mean that your character is dead for good. Can't have our students dying. By this, I mean all physical and magical damage is translated into a feedback in the brain, which is thus, simply mental trauma. The physical body will remain unharmed in the process, but enough damage can cause you to pass out, so don't take this for granted. Just because you can go all out doesn't mean you should push any limits.

(Will be moved once both are approved)

'Suke entered the dojo, the wooden floor all perplexed with a delicate balance to the framework created solely by him. His eyes peering with a calmness to them as he sat at the end of the single roomed dojo, there being many circular areas of padded floor. Bamboo padding mind you so falling will still hurt but not be so much as falling on pure solid ground. With eyes calmly looking around 'Suke waited as on his hip was the elegant souba katana but what he wore was the simple dojo gi robes required by all participants.

(Enter of your own accord)
(Training Music:

Inara stepped into an empty room, with wooden floors, lit up only by the dawning sun. She had been up for some time, and had decided to wander around the school grounds, in order to pull her thoughts away from an unwanted dream. Her glimmering white hair had been gathered up into a high pony tail, and she was dressed in a basic white, puffy sleeved  shirt, and black slacks. A pair of boots had been slipped on, and she had both her Rapiers attached to her belt. She glanced around with deep violet eyes, hoping to see another soul, able to do a small duel with her. "Alright, is anyone about?" Inara wondered aloud, hoping her words would draw someone out. 

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So friggin slow to do this.... 
Name: Actual name is still kept hidden. Aliases: Minato, Tucu, Adminatar, RPG.
Species: Very hard to explain, but typically a human with wings is his visual appearance. 
Sexuality: Panromantic Heterosexual. AKA: He can love anyone but will only have sex with girls.
Likes: Video games. Anime. Outdoorsy things like camping and fishing. Making things. Travelling around and seeing new things. Learning new skills. Practicing swordplay. 
Dislikes: Innocent people being hurt. Having nothing to do. Being ignored. Being alone. Porcelain or glass dolls. 
Personality: Erratic. Protective. Hopeful most of the time, but often falls into sadness over slight things. A bit argumentative. Chivalrous in almost all cases. 
Bio: (Oh dear... I hate to put spoilers, so I'll just fill in the known info since I am leading up to who/what he is in the future.) This strange being hailed from unknown origins as the strong right arm of the Guardian Order, a group of beings that strives to protect others. Though he has distanced himself to further his own goals, he still hold ties to them. Most of what he has done since then is explore the numerous universes and meet new people. Along the way, he has learned a few forms of magic, though he preferred to fight fairly with a sword until recently. In his recent past he has acquired a new sword, replacing his last one and granting it to his sister instead. Like his last sword, this ones form is bound to his will and can change shape to suit his needs. Often it is either a Nodachi or Sabre, but he has been known to use others. With this new sword, he hopes to defeat the enemy to the Guardian Order. Recently he has become less interested in battle and exploration, and more interested in simpler things again due to having his immortality taken. He is undecided on whether he wants it back or not, seeing as it is a blessing and curse both ways.

Extra: (I'm going to put allot here, seeing as I don't know when/if he may change back and forth between his swords. His old sword gave him certain abilities, but since he has a new one and new powers from it I feel like I should put both in case he does go back. Such fun.)

Mist blade: The sword itself is formless, changing form as he wills it,  and has a pale sky blue blade no matter what, leavign glowing streaks in the air as it swings. This blade has little direct abilities, but grants him the ability to change form into various creatures of his imagination. This is accomplished through Resonance Energy, a form of energy drawing from the lifespan and emotion of the user. Resonance uses that energy to change things by coaxing them into a new shape or form, and can be expended, thus decreasing lifespan, to heal an injury.

Forms~ (My aforementioned apologies for the crappy names on a few.)
FoxFire: A tan, bipedal, foxlike creature which vaguely resembles a lucario. My fur has swirling blue stripes all along it that look like tribal styled tattoos that glow softly, as if of a living blue flame. On the back of my paws and on my feet are hard, round nodules of the same glowing blue. My long pointy ears have a bit of an orange tinted fluff inside them.

FreezeFrog: a pale blue frog, my skin etched with metallic purple swirls resembling tribal tattoos. I control water, ice, and a strange multipurpose toxin. Three major variants of the toxins exist, each one helping me in a way. They are an acid that causes chemical burning, an actual poison, and one that causes drowsiness and can potentially put the "victim" to sleep for a while. 

-Chronomorph: A mechanical being reminiscent of a knight, a dark feeling emanating from him. His darkly colored armor covers what appear to be some kind of clockwork inside of him, colored the same as the armor. Extremely round armor in general, not like actual armor. The armor has numerous fissures, almost as if it contained something beneath it. The knights helm appears to be able to split and reveal a face, but is close shut. On the left arm of the knight is some kind of large gauntlet, and on the right is a similar one. Much stronger and more defensive, but lacking higher speeds. Inside of the gauntlets are numerous devices for combat, but only a few are longer ranged. Gear in this form includes: A spring loaded shield on the left arm, a heavy and thick blade on the left arm, 17 crossbow bolts that can be fired from the right arm "gauntlet", housed in each arm is a ball on a long chain from which spikes may be extended, and lastly a grappling hook on the opposite end of the ball chains. 

-Tree of Life: A shrub or tree like form. While at my "head" I am the same height, the branches and twigs make be a bit taller. I am covered in numerous flowers and mosses, each serving a different medical function and containing healing properties of hundreds of medicines. My hands have sharp fingertips the curve back, allowing me to grab things without damage but cut flesh easily. This body is best suited to medical than combat, but is resilient enough to fight if needed. About the only form of defense aside from being a tree is thorny vines I can produces and use similarly to whips.

-Final Phantom: While still looking much the same as Angeliform, I lose my  wings and sword in exchange for powerful psychic and shadow powers. Being able to merge into shadows and even become one, this form is more a solid collection of shadows than organic. I am much more in tune with the timelines like this, and even am much more formal for some reason. I wear a thick black cloak and gloves to protect myself from the sun, though technically they are an extension of the form and will disappear as soon as I change. Extreme weakness to flashes of light due to being a shadow.

Artifice Blade: Literally called the "Trickster Blade", this weapon relies on weakening the opponent and altering circumstances to be used best. The sword itself is formless, changing form as he wills it, its blade is often a darker metal of some sort. This sword grants him use of Kaeon energy, a form of energy that originates in the darkness in a heart. It is considered a corrupting force due to the ease with which one can easily become evil in pursuit of more power. Kaeon focuses on forcing change and corrupting,  whereas Resonance aimed to coax and shape peacefully.


Artifice Wall: A ten second barrier reflecting projectiles back at the attacker. Usable once per battle. 

Acid Corrupt: target is dealt damage over time + 20% defense down. Mid ranged, about twenty to thirty feet in a cone in front of my left hand.

Arena Corrupt: all non sentient life within fifty feet is temporarily turned into monster versions and aggro on the target. Also gives a 10% boost to the users speed. Usable once per battle on one target.

Soul Corrupt: In battle one target is struck with a tendril of black fiber shot from my hand. If it connects for more than a second the target will attack anything nearby. Connection is not needed to maintain, only to begin. Usable once per battle. Out of Battle Can be used for multiple purposes to change things.

Flame Corrupt: A blast of blue and black energy is fired in a wide cone near the user dealing high damage and potentially blinding the target.
More may be added as time passes.

Pictures shown: Normal appearance and Phantom.
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Name: Inara Talarin
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Species: Elf
RP Genre: Fantasy 

Appearance: Inara is beautiful, with elegant features in her elven face. Her long snow colored hair, cascades down her back in a stunning flow. Her eyes shine with a deep and calming bluelight. Her smooth skin is pale, and bears scars upon her left arm and they are normally covered by a long glove. The scars are runes, etched into her skin that span from her wrist up to her shoulder. 

Equipment: Inara’s attire consists of mostly dark clothing, with the lightest color being a deep purple. She is always seen wearing long gloves with any of her outfits and also carries two Rapier's both spanning 46 1/2" in length, counting the length of it's blade and weighs 2 lb. 4 oz. 

Personality: Inara is a caring character who easily  trusts others. She is very protective over the weak, and does whatever she can to help them. Often, Inara appears emotionless, only because she does not want those she cares for to worry about her. She is vengeful to the point of foolishness and sometimes will cut down any enemy that gets in her way without a show of mercy. Inara is humble when it comes to saving people, and she rarely takes high praise or rewards, for she is only helping because it is the right thing to do. 

Likes: Inara enjoys a long walk beneath the light of a moon, to calm her mind after battle. She has a weak spot for cute things, like baby animals, and loves to give them attention. She also finds joy in reading fiction and history book, for they give her a moment to step away from reality. A snowy day brings Inara warm comfort and the memories of her brother, when they lived peaceful lives.  

Dislikes: Inara has a deep hatred for demons, after one killed her brother right before her eyes. People who harm others for no given reason, annoys Inara to the point where she will sometimes get herself into a fight with them so the victim can get away. She hates being tied down,because it paralyzes her with fear, and she won't be able to think clearly without panicking.  

Fears: Inara has a deep fear of losing people that are close to her, for she is still pained by her brother’s death. She is afraid of letting people she her in pain mentally or physically because she doesn't want other people to worry about her, and she will often lie to get them to settle down. An odd fear of her’s are snakes, the way the slither and look at others, has always unnerved her calm for unknown reasons and this little creatures seems to be the only thing that can make her scream in fear. Another fear is getting tied up, which she hates as well, for it makes her unreasonable. Due to the marks on her arms, that mark her as a cursed elf, Inara is very nervous about letting others see them, much less explain their meaning. 

Flaws/Hindrances: Inara’s main flaw is vengeance and it is slowly consuming her mind. There is nothing she wont do to get to her brother’s killer, and goes as far as to seek out powerful demons to challenge and force answers from. She can be stubborn and foolish at times, especially during rescues, and battle, she wont wait for help, and doesn't think before charging in. Sticking her nose into things that do not completely concern her, is what sometimes gets her new enemies that are not demonic lifeforms. 

Drive: Inara is driven to help and protect others, and always brings her a small portion of happiness to see others safe. Vengeance burns in her soul and drives her forward in hopeless moments. Memories of her brother, push her past her fears, and give her a strong mind and heart. 

Past: When Inara was born, something went wrong, and she got tangled up. The healers of the village had to cut her mother open to get her out, and the result ended up with her mother dying from blood loss. Her father, Zarious Talarin, was outraged at this, and first tried to kill Inara. Inara’s brother, Zaris was the only one to protect her while the healers had run in fear Zarious. In his rage, Zarious outcasted them both, and allowed them to leave the village. Zaris took Inara to another elven village hidden within a beautiful valley that was always covered in snow. It was peaceful there, and safe from the demons that Zaris went on to fight at least twice every month. As Inara grew into a gentle child, marks began to etch onto her left arm, each night of her 3rd year. When Zaris discovered this, he was shocked, and immediately had wrapped her arm in bandages, but that did nothing to keep the village elves of taking notice. Inara was cursed, in the most humiliating and worst way possible. She was unable to use magic, and if she was to try her hand at it’s art, she would die. She did not understand, it when Zaris tried his best at explaining, and told her not to go outside without him. No matter how much Inara wanted to ignore his wish and be like other elves, she listened to her brother, and kept herself locked in whenever he was gone. One day, when she was 12 years of age, Zaris informed her that he would have to be away for a long while, and that he would return as soon as he was able. Inara never wanted him to go, as it was dangerous and that he could get killed, but Zaris always promised her that he would come back without a scratch. His promise made her feel better, but still when he was gone, Inara felt empty and alone.A few days after Zaris had left, a spirit of the ancient hero, Prince Azriel La'mortis, came to her and told her that Zaris had been killed by a demon. This sent her into a deep sorrow and she began to stop eating despite Azriel’s best efforts to convince her otherwise. For months she wandered the forests with him at her side, looking for her brother, for she could not bare to believe that he was gone. Her pain and denial slowly transformed into a raging hate. Once again, against Azriel’s warnings, she chose a path of vengeance. Inara left her home and wondered, in utter silence, for many months, until she came to a small town protected by a dark elf, known as Gale Silverwing. Knowing much of Gale from tales her brother had told her, Inara asked Gale to help her get stronger and to become a Demon Slayer so that she could kill the one that murdered her brother. Gale gladly accepted her as an apprentice, only because he had made a promise to Zaris that he would take her under his wing if anything were to happen to him. He taught, her basic swordsmanship and how to defend the town from the demons. Inara flew through his tests with blinding ease, and soon she was allowed to accompany him during his hunts. For three years, Inara and Gale beat back the invading demons and grew stronger with each stroke of their swords. However one dark clouded day, Gale vanished, leaving Inara with orders to abandon the town. Inara was confused at this, and wandered out onto the streets to see people rushing about with a frantic look in their eyes. By order of the king, the town was to be emptied before a legion of demons, led by a queen arrived. Inara did her share of helping people gather what little they could bring, and get them out within the day. At nightfall, the army launched themselves from the shadows, devouring any before them. Lusting for their blood, Inara and Azriel stood as the town's only protectors. She fought with determination and undying rage, and when those who had been left stranded in the streets had finally escaped, Azriel suggested a retreat, but Inara did not wish to leave until the army was slaughtered, but she also knew that he was right in thinking this fight could not be won, and allowed herself to reluctantly flee from the town. Inara led the survivors to the kingdoms keep, and left them in the hands of the soldiers before taking off into the wild to find Gale.  


Name of Technique: X strike 
Type of technique: Offensive
Effect: N/A
Description: X strike is only useable with two weapons drawn out in each hand. It requires a quick draw, which is mainly to be slashed upward at a target in the form of an X. 
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 1

Name of Technique: Side Guard
Type of technique: Defensive 
Effect: N/A
Description: Brings one sword up in a sideways angle to block an opponent's oncoming attack.
Duration: Instant  
Cooldown: 1

Name of Technique: Guard and Strike 
Type of technique: Offensive&Defensive  
Effect: N/A
Description: With one sword, the user pulls up a guard in anyway possible, while they strike 5 times at their opponent with their second weapon. 
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 2

Faceclaim: (Inuyasha SesshomaruMother)

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[Updated June.9.2015]

Name : Hanji, Renma (Ren for short)
Age : 17
Gender : Femme
Height : 172.72 cm alternatively 5’8”
Weight : 72.5 kg alternatively 160 lbs
Hair : Blonde
Eyes : Copper-Crimson
Species : Human
Faceclaim : Custom Image : Wolf Girl Holo | Renma Hanji

Equipment : Aside from the clothes on her back (if it can really be called "equipment"), she's got a broad belt which has several things. On the left is a flask, meant to hold liquid, likely water or medicine. Other supplies are usually stored in the pockets on the back of the belt. The items therein are various, and could be literally anything from scrolls to daggers to anything and everything that is “pocketable.”

On the back, under the other pockets, is a sword, unlike most, likely made for the sake of survival in whatever area she comes from. The material of the blade, however, is unknown. The only known aspect of it is that it vibrates with a very high frequency, as though in reaction to something, and whenever it collides with something, it generates a ringing sound, not deafening, but instead rather pleasant. She has taken to calling the sword the "Bell Blade" because of the sound it makes. The durability of this blade, likely as a result, is astounding.

Appearance : About as normal as a girl can get, really. Fair skin, blonde hair, eyes of a copper-ish, or crimson hue. Granted, her fashion choice is a bit on the... "different" side... It appears as though she's a hunter of some kind. Brown Jacket and pants, white shirt, black boots. A somewhat unusual outfit, granted, but it's better than nothing.

Personality : She's active, she's spunky, and a little bit of a child at times, though she's quick to help and step in when needed. She's also got a bit of a mean streak when she's plotting revenge, and it's usually covered up with an almost cat-like grin. At the same time, she's a bit of an airhead, forgetting things quickly, and even spacing the details that could, inadvertently, save her life. She's afraid of bugs bigger than two-hundred feet, things she doesn't understand, and snakes. Boy does she hate snakes. At the same time, she also has a habit of... surprising people, and sometimes in the best way. Overall, she’s usually pretty bright and cheerful, though at times, she can be immensely emotional, and very quick to anger.

History : Renma knows nothing of her past from before she awoke, simple as that. However, when she awoke, she found herself within a temple, more specifically atop an altar of some sort. The actual type of altar might have been noteable had it not been crashed into. Regardless, the temple, run down and dilapidated, seemed to hold a certain serenity and peace to it; moss hanging down from the ceiling, a pond having formed on the floor, surrounded by plantlife and fireflies. It was almost like something from a dream. Looking at her own position, as she lay atop the altar, her right leg was hanging off the other side, her rear in the crack, her upper body leaned against one half. With a completely dazed expression, as she had just woken from what seemed like an eternity of unconsciousness, she looked to the pond, and in the center of it, a mysterious sword had been sunk in, as though marking a burial of some kind. The fireflies that floated nearby seemed to be examining the thing just as she was. She did notice, however dulled as it were, a faint ringing, like that of bells. As she looked to her left, she took note of a pedestal, atop which sat a strange, silvery orb.

Something about the ball... beckoned... calling to her in a quiet voice. With what little strength she could muster, she began to move, her joints cracking one after the other, her body creaking like an old, wooden doll. She was, oddly enough, determined to reach the orb, at least, and examine it, though once she touched it, after a few, strained steps, it seemed to erupt in fire, startling her, and causing her to fall backward. Apparently, the impact was strong enough to cause the orb to bounce, and roll off the pedestal, because before she knew it, it rolled right up to her. The fire was contained within the sphere, and was surprisingly beautiful. After a moment of hesitation, she slowly picked it up, and examined it closely, feeling a pleasant warmth within her body, almost like acceptance, and before she realized, she felt like a certain weight had been lifted from her body, and with that, she soon stood, and looked to the sword in the pond., and then to the ceiling over where she once laid, taking almost immediate notice of the hole through which rain began to pour.

Oddly, she began to think that she wasn’t alone anymore, that someone, or rather, something, had entered the area. Moving quickly toward the sword, her right hand soon took hold of the handle, and pulled upward, drawing it from its resting place, yet all the while, she felt like she already knew how to use it, as though she had practiced with this sword on a daily basis. It was as she heard an inhuman screech that she looked around, frantically, to find an exit, a way out. She took a moment, despite the situation, to examine her surroundings, however, and noticed that there was a door, open, but broken. That was the best bet. If she could just make it to the door, there wouldn’t be any problems, which gave her more reason to start running, sword and sphere in hand. However, it was as she broke through the door, having run at it in a full sprint and tackled it with her shoulder, she took immediately notice of what seemed to be a village nearby, and began to make her way.


Trivia 1 (Mysterious Orb) : The “orb” is what’s known as an “Guardian Sphere,” which, reacts to a person’s soul. This can be either a very positive, or a very negative reaction, depending on what type of soul the person has. If they are inherently evil, for example, they will become almost inhuman in the respect that they no longer feel anything remotely human, but also gain tremendous power. If the person is inherently good, on the other hand, they could gain equal power, but at the cost of longevity.

Trivia 2 (Bell Blade) : The “Bell Blade” happens to be made of the same material as the sphere, and is razor sharp to the point of being able to cut even the densest metals with relative ease. It is said that the blade is protected with something, though with what, nobody knows. Some say it’s magic, others say it’s a layer of the sphere’s material, and some say it’s an enchanted or cursed blade. In addition, the Bell Blade closely resembles the longsword that Tidus gets from Auron at the beginning of Final Fantasy 10. The actual name of this sword is actually the Aetheria Blade. The ringing sound it makes is the direct reaction to the orb in Renma’s pocket.

⋖|Tech List|⋗

Name : Dance of Fire
Type : Offense
Effect : Multi-strike and Burning
Description : A barrage style attack which is executed by unleashing several slashes in fluid motion and rapid succession. During the attack, the blade of the sword catches on fire to deal extra damage. Total strikes add up to five, starting with a blow to the forehead via the pommel of the sword, at the very back of the hilt. This is meant to daze the opponent long enough to allow the attack to follow through without a hitch, and must connect for the attack to continue. The second strike is an upward slash after a turn, striking at the right shoulder, to be followed up with a downward slash at the left. Immediately after strike three is an uppercut to the opponent’s jaw, which should force the opponent’s head back long enough for a turn followed by a wide horizontal swing. This uppercut could simply knock them out, however, and is usually the stopping point. Depending on proximity after the uppercut, however, the fifth swing can either cause a minor scratch to the opponent’s throat, or complete decapitation. (Scratch or decap, the wound is immediately cauterized to prevent bleed out.)

Name : Homura
Type : Offensive / Supplementary
Effect : Burning / Immunity to Fire
Description : By focusing the power of the Guardian Sphere, one can generate enormous amounts of whatever element the ball of Aetherium has contained within. This grants the user immunity to that element, and the ability to focus it, and in some cases, even control it. Unfortunately, if it goes on for too long, the results could be... a little too hot to handle.

Name : Guardian: Fires of Destruction
Type : Offensive / Area of Effect
Effect : Burning
Description : The power of the Guardian Sphere is focused then sent outward in a powerful wavelike dome (or sphere if airborne). This is primarily a sort of discharge, likely in the form of an emotional breakdown or venting of. Sometimes the fire can even change colors according to the most prominent emotion, the heat therein changes as well. It’s possible that, if there’s enough malice involved, the fire could turn black. At which point, nothing is safe.
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