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Name: Sunset Soldier

Gender: Colt

Race: Earth Pony

Family: A mare who adopted me

Talent: Wilderness Endurance ((Cutie Mark can be viewed at ))

Bio: Nopony knows who my parents are or why I was found at the 'Castle of 2 Sisters' as a newborn colt. I suffer from random magic surges and without a horn to control it, it can be very harmful to myself and others. I have a coat of light red, and a mane and tail of blue and light blue.

A Picture: Coming soon

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Hello! Im the Librarian! I have more books that a rabbit has eaten carrots! ((this is also the basic pony shape of bat ponies!)) 
Name: Frostshadow
Gender: female
Species: Vampire batpony
occupation: School Librarian
Ponycode: 066CC66066CC66066CC66066CC66100EAFE5410072000B5B066CC66066CC66066CC66066CC66
Fun facts: she is a bit crazy....
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