SHE'S BACKKK, and already apologizing haha oh that's funny(;

I swear this school kills my high one more time imma fuckin blow the bitch up....these motherfuckers are just pushing me back home i can already see it now...............

Im so ready for this weekend with my best friend and others(: its gunna be a good break

well bored out my mind someone msg me 

Alright so all u mother fuckers that miss me need to start gettin on at 1:16 cause i miss talkin to my niggas and niggets so now there for if non yall are on when im on im gunna come down there and kick ur door in and kidnapp you 

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It defiantly was, but I wouldn't change it for the world.<3 I love you baby.<3

well sitting in last hour high as fuck ready to go smoke some more and watch tv with my gf fuck someone message me im bored as shit 

so its official... i broke her jaw in one hit
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