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NAME: "Again, I'm Ella!~"

AGE: 14



REAL AGE: 50 million years old
((By the way, this is a fandomless oc))
POWERS: "Our species can summon a weapon, possibly a shield, and control something. I have a shield, a sword, and I can control water!~"

FAMILY: A Father (Dead), A mother (Exiled), A brother, and four sisters.

EYE COLOR(S): Pink (Left), Blue (Right)

CLOTHES: A white dress with a bow in the center of the chest.

PERSONALITY: A naive, oblivious. obnoxious, and bubbly girl. She is clueless to human slang and weird, non everyday terms.

FRIENDS: Fredrick Jackson (Coming into the bio someday--)

None Really

KINGDOM: The Kingdom of Latie (Latie, Atlantica)

STATUS: Ocean, Empress
((Annnnnnnnnnd this is an oc that does not belong to a fandom)
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I need a new owner for this community. I will be leaving all and giving all of my communities away. Only people I really know can become owners. Here are the people.

+Tinker Billy

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Name ~ Fire Blaze. (Likes to be called Blaze)

Gender ~ Female

Age ~ 17

Sexuality ~ Straight

Race ~ Alicorn

Bio ~ Blaze was born into a poor family but destined for greatness. At least that what her cutie mark speaks. Her parents were always proud of her. But she soon moved to ponyville. She promised her family she would come back and help with anything they needed. She s visits them but now she has a job. A royal guard. She tries to see her family as much as she can but her job makes it hard. She is training to become a princess with Celestia. She tries hard and never quits.
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