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Make sure to follow the Twins
[Elsa Kristian] if you haven't already!
they are amazing people and very funny and wise people also!
their bond with each other is priceless!
they are lovely!
and the most active on here!
if you get a chance make sure to follow them and check out their google + collections and posts!

they make me sometimes happy when i am down when i see their comments likes or EVEN posts on here!
they are very funny,creative,pretty,and nice girls
i hope that more people like them can be lovely enough to follow them!
if you aren't already, make sure to join the community and have a nice morning/afternoon/evening!

Guys i'm so sorry, I have been so inactive for so long! I can not make any promises that ill come back for good, but I'm here now

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Follow me on PenPals amino ;)

Sorry I have been inactive its just that I have found a other app too but I will try and be active on both

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Reality is elusive.

You think I'm crazzzyyyy?all the best people areee!all the bessssttt,.....all the best people are crazyyy! All of us areeee

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Like how do they even expect birds to understand??!!!! :D :D :D

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At the doctors and matching with my mom!! -Ashlee's Corner (on my moms acc.)

Thee kids in my class are always trying to ship me with someone!just get a life,I don't need a crush/boyfriend to learn,if you want a boyfriend then fine but don't drag me into that crap!my life is about what I need and the one thing I DONT't need is a boyfriend!
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