SMI & Tankblast Games Ltd will now be owned solely by +Daniel martin 

If you want to keep up to date with any software packages, apps or games I am working on, then join the Pulse Studios community too

Good Luck Daniel!

We are under new management! Owner is me! I have some really good things planned for us so lets turn this lost company around :).

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Ok guys please join my community. I don't wish to be called an advertiser but I am really in need of members. I assume that I am allowed to advertise as there isn't a rule stating that I cannot advertise on this community.

Sup everyone,
Please join my community. We talk about Minecraft as well as other games you might like. When I get enough members, I will host a 24/7 Minecraft, TF2 and other game servers and whoever invited the most people will get Moderator on all the servers. We talk about any game, not only Minecraft. Fanarts, screenshots, and even machinimas or animations is also allowed. Feeling low? Want to share your feelings? Well, you can post about your life in the General Discussion category. Advertising is ALLOWED on my community, as long as you don't spam it with advertisements. I strive to get my community to at least 100 members. Can we do it? It is up to you to decide. Seeing a new member join really makes my day. Please show me your support by joining my community, GamersAlliance.
I put a lot of time and effort into it and check for new posts every 2 hours so you will not feel like no one is answering your posts. Please guys, show me your support. The logo is custom-made and NOT copied from Google Images or anything like that. Once again, please join my community. Thank you guys! <3

Best regards,
Cao Yitian
Animator, designer, programmer and student.
Currently studying in Singapore, NUS High School of Maths and Science.

If any of you want a custom-made logo, just hangout me. It should be done and ready withing 2 weeks. If you are willing though, show your care by donating $1 to me. These donations will motivate me to keep going.

just got windows 7 Ultimate on my old laptop yesterday so now i should be able to test our apps on low spec machines :D
however it has a battery problem and the battery needs replacing so not sure for how long.

we will continue to improve our products and unlike other companies you will not be left in the dark about everything
we will share any information about the products we begin to create.

thanks for listening...

signed: Kieran Triggs - CEO of Skrillit Media Incorporated

What do we do in this community?

RanMod(Random Mod) Anyone?

YES we are at number 92 in the top new strategy games

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Lol I think we all know who made the insult lol
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