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Name: Ruin
Age: 4weeks
Gender: male
Species: wolf husky mix
Mate: to young
Pups: to young
Personality: outgoing,stubborn, playful,brave, curious, quiet
Owner: none
Bio/Backstory his old owners had to give him up because they couldn't take care of hin
Extras: none

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"Be yourself, not somebody else... Just be you.."
Name: Lexi
Age: 4 Weeks
Gender: She-wolf/Female
Species: Wolf Dog Mix
Breed: Wolf Husky Mix
Mate: Reserved for +Legendary Wolf (Ruin)
Crush: +Legendary Wolf (Ruin)
Pups: None Yet.. (Too Young)
Personality: Curious, Mischievous, Quiet, Smart, Brave, Outgoing, Playful, Thoughtful, Strong, Determined, Protective, Loyal
Owner: None (Open) (If you adopt me, you have to also adopt +Legendary Wolf (Ruin))
Bio/Backstory (Optional) She was a wild wolf-dog pup out in the wilderness, fighting for her life, fending for herself, but then the owners of the adopting center far far away in Canada captured her and put her here. It's not the best life, but at-least they spared her life. Her parents had lost her while hunting, and she never found them, so she had to make her life herself. Fortunately, she was very smart, and could do it. She even fought a young bear by herself, and won! She used her sharp fangs, claws, and determination!
Extras: She's a special husky wolf mix! She fended for herself and is very smart! She gets her bravery and strength from father! Her determination, and smartness from mother! She's one of the only types of this special breed! This breed is almost extinct, but this pup isn't going down without a fight! She'll always be protective, and loyal of her family!

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"Life is a game.. Don't waste your moves.."
Name: Lizzie
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Husband/Wife: None (Open for boyfriend)
Children: None (Too Young 0o0)
Story of your life: Just a pretty 12 year old girl! She loves animals, cooking, and art!
Favorite Animal: Dog.
Animals you own: Nikki, Claw, Butterscotch
Job: She works at a restaurant as a chef part time.

Name: Timmy
Age: 23
Gender: Malw
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Husband/Wife: none
Children: none
Story of your life: Went to college to be a marine biologist, but I won the lottery and am now supper rich. I still study marine biology though.
Favorite Animal: Any baby animal. But a Shark!
Animals you own: None I am adopting 2
Job: None.

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(Closed RP with +Harmony Jamaa)
Butterscotch, the little playful pup was let out of the house to play! The leash was unhooked, and she was let out to play in the freshly watered grass from last night's rain. There was a fence keeping her in, and a small gate for her to go out of. She was well trained so Lizzie was never scared of her running away. Anytime she ran away for something, she'd come back! She rolled in the grass happily when she went through the gate, letting her out of the fenced in grass, she spotted another golden retriever pup like herself, so she went over to the other pup.
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I'd like to adopt an animal.

a human walks in an placing Ruin inside of a cage he sits down cage sniffing around and looking around at the other dog who were braking loudly something he quickly became annoyed with he flatten his ears on his head he looks over towards your cage when you...
(Close rp with +DragonSpirits AJ​​)

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"Be the very best you can."
Name: Sarah
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Species: Dog
Mate: +ShadowŽ (Woofy) (Is she okay?)
Pups: None.. Yet.
Personality: Kind, Caring, Loving, Fun-loving, Protective
Owner: None (Open)
Bio/Backstory (Optional) Just a fun-loving golden retriever! She loves fetch, butterflies, strolls, family, and just playing! She has a crush on Woofy, but doesn't really show it, except for her always blushing around him when she looks into his cage, and at feeding time.
Extras: She's a protective, loving golden retriever! She loves kids, and playing with them.
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Name: Lucy
Age: 11
Gender: female
Boyfriend: to young
Children: is one
Favorite animal: Cats
Animals she owns: Scarlett,Midnight, ghost,Goldie, Bubblegum, coco
Story of life: just a normal life story she was born, and she was raised by her mom only when her mom died so she has to raise herself and her dogs
Job: she is let work at a grocery store
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