You where on the other side of the street then you turned you head and saw me then a bus stop in front of you then when it moved I had vanish Into Thin Air

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Anyone wanna roleplay?

Rp anyone? Doesn't matter what it is it's up to you

Jase goes to a shop and purchases a bow and sees two girls one was momoi but i see a female neko as well ((to +Niya Nyan​ and +Manga&Anime Life​ ))

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Hello :3
Arigato for inviting me :3

scribbles on a paper
My name is Astreaous Hamada (I am terrible with the last names :P), I am 18 years old. I like to do pretty much anything that doesn't include speech because the thing is, I'm mute. I hope it's not strange to you.

I zone out a lot, often wishing the impossible or some other things. I love to draw and write poems, stories, or fanfics, and I love everyone the way they are.

I see that some people are different species, and I respect that. I might include that I am a slight neko (note the sharp teeth, claws fluffy tail, and small ears on my head)? Heh heh nyah.

I am also a DereDere. My closet friends are Natsuko and Hiraki (sorry no last names ○w○), one a DereDere and the other a Dandere. I get along with everyone, despite being mute. I hope I will enjoy my time here. :D

Brown Hair: Me
Green Hair: Hiraki
Purple Hair: Natsuko

(Astreaous means 'star' and Hiraki means 'light'. I like both of the names :) )
Girls :D
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Hello everyone, bows down my name is Zelo, 

This is Zero, he is 18,  he's a protector, he care, but he doesn't show emotion. He wears a mask to protect his smile, his ears are red cause he cries a tear. I hope you have fun role playing with him.

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Name Jase Phillips Jr.
Age 17
Gender male
Bio lived in Maine U.S.A for 17 years and decided to make a new life around here but the loss of my father has given me strength knowing his spirit lives on and I will follow in his footsteps and I have a airsoft assault rifle
Weapons switch blade and bow and arrows
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Name: Ieyasu Tokugawa

Age: 19

Gender: male

Species: demon hybrid

Weapons: none

Personality: Distant, quiet, cold, but will protect those in need

Bio: Ieyasu used to a happy child his family and friends always played with him and makes his life full of hopes and dreams. But one day all that love and happiness was taken away from feom a mysterious group of raiders that killed everyone one he loved right in front of them...they made him remeber who they were by cutting him on his right eye. As the years past he studied martial arts and is very skilled with the sword. He travels the land searching for any leads of the group of murderers that his family.

우리는 깨어 있어야 우리는이 사회가 강한 해야합니다
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