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Hi everyone!

The latest production release is rolling out now, with several autofill fixes. In particular, we fixed autofill into the Samsung Internet browser on Samsung devices, and most apps where it was filling in username but not password should also be fixed now. Please let us know if you see any issues!

Why do I have to reenter my lastpass password everytime I reboot my phone? Even though i turned reprompt off and to never lock off?

Given the imminent shutdown of G+, are there any plans to move LP Beta discussions to another platform?

What are the chances of Lastpass supporting Samsung's DeX at some point?

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I hope this lastpass autofill button would open a window of your apps so you could copy username and passwords

Since updating to Android pie, I have been having problems logging in to lastpass automatically i.e. when trying to do an auto fill, I have been plagued with finger prints have changed you need to login again, do temporarily I got last pass to save the password that has resulted in an endless loop when trying to auto fill where it asks you if you want to auto fill his to login then repeats.

Login failed because of € sign in master password. Always have to type in the master password at each start of the app. Can't use fingerprint so...
The older version worked correct with the fingerprint.

Please fix it.

Unable to log into the app. Keep entering the password and clicking on login button but never get past the login page.

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I disabled the autofill Window for applocker but it's again showing in all the apps that i locked with applocker.
it's so irritating for using mobile.
Please fix it.

LastPass for Android v4.8.3450
Android v9
Device=OnePlus OnePlus OnePlus6T ONEPLUS A6010
Build=ONEPLUS A6010_41_181226
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