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Dear all ,

I can't install agent colletcd client to server, please send me to guide :( I want to monitor on rabbitmq.

I have a couple questions about collectd-python. (I'm posting here as I cannot find a collectd-python forum.)
There appear to be two different intervals: one for how often the read_callback is called; a second one passed to Values.dispatch for how often the plugin will aggregate and submit metrics from the data source. If dispatch() is called from within my read_callback function, then how do these two intervals interact? I'm unclear as to what will happen if the callback function is called at a faster, or slower, rate than the interval passed to dispatch().

in fact, I'm unclear as to the need for passing an interval to dispatch(). If you give it a different value on subsequent calls, how does that affect it? Does the python plugin maintain a single Values instance for a particular data source throughout the life of the plugin?

Having an Issue with the DNS plugin.
We recently stopped receiving data from this plugin on our servers and the only error I can find is:

collectd[123098]: utils_dns: handle_dns: rfc1035NameUnpack failed with status 4.

Anyone come across this before, know what it means or pointers to gather more info about what's happening here?

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Hi folks,
Is there any way to selectively write output from different plugins to different instances of the write_http plugin? I am using the PostCache chain with regex plugin to selectively target to two separate instances of the write_http plugin.

I have validated that writing output from ALL plugins to ALL instances of write_http plugin works.
I also have validated that I can use PostCache chain with regex to selectively pick plugin output to write to ONE instance of the write_http plugin, while allowing all output to go to a completely different write plugin (not write_http).

Whats not working is if I try to set two instances of write_http plugin as target for two PostCache chains or where one is associated and the other is set as default write target. In each of these cases, only one of the two instances works.

Is this by design? Can only one instance of a plugin be associated with a Chain?

Here's my question on StackOverflow with more details:

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I setup an influxdb that receives input from several drives on a machine running collectd and it's smart plugin.

I started looking at the influxdb database to see what measurements / series (SMART attributes) showed up...

I narrowed it down to the following for each drive on each host:


I also found a list of Critical SMART attributes on Wikipedia (you can sort them as such), but I'm uncertain of how they relate to what I'm receiving from collectd.

I'd like to be able to detect when a drive is about to go bad, and Wikipedia says that I have about a 50% chance to detecting it if I use such attributes to graph changes in something like grafana.

Unfortunately though, I'm also uncertain of which attributes might be non-sense (on my drives) and which ones are real; and where to find such information... Also there doesn't seem to be much documentation about how the attributes in influxdb relate to those listed in wikipedia...(though I would think it has something to do with the source code for the plugin and the identifier listed in wikipedia)

Hi guys,

Any way to use 2plugins at the same time?
Something like : exec (first plugin)
Pass the output to the second?

Thanks a lot,

Is there a way to programmatically get the Interval specified in collect.conf. I'm using a python plugin to calculate operations per second. Currently, I have 10 hard coded for the calculation since we use the default interval of 10 seconds.

Hi Folks
My Team and I are working on Platform Service Assurance (SA) for NFV deployments and are working on enabling collectd with Telemetry and events/notifications features for NFVI SA. I was wondering if there was a weekly community call or meetup where we could share what we are trying to do and to see if the community agrees with the approaches we are pursuing and the features we are implementing.


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collectd 5.7.1 has been released and is available for download. This is a patch release that is only fixing bugs in the 5.7 version and doesn't introduce new features.

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