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G-DRIVE (, )
G-DRIVE is a new generation of elevator specialized vector control. It’s the result of more than 25 years’ experience in elevator area, motor vector control and advanced algorithms like smooth curve calculation, It’s the most practical, professional and easiest to use specialized inverter! Its main features are as follows:

● Applies to the driving control of permanent-magnet synchronous motor
and asynchronous motor, possessing different kinds of rotary encoder
● Self-tuning function of motor parameters, including static tuning and full
● Quick startup of curve processing, multi-stage S curve settings and
4-stage acceleration and deceleration time settings ensure the sense of
comfort during the running of the elevator;
● Simple and practical battery running function, the input of 48V power
supply can complete self-help when power is off;
● Enable inspection 、 brake contactor control, output contactor control,
forced deceleration judgment, over speed testing, speed deviation testing,
advanced door open, contact conglutination testing, motor overheat
testing, startup pre-torque compensation and other elevator special
functions make elevator control easier;
● The unique one-button design on the operation panel make complicated
keyboard operation easy; that it can be put anywhere through RJ45
terminal make elevator adjustment convenient and simple; parameter
copy unit make batch adjustment easy;
● Built-in DC reactor and braking unit improve output power factor of the
system and reduce the cost of outside components of the electrical
● The whole series of independent duct design, professional lightning
protection design, professional manufacture platform and advanced
processs control ensure the quality of G-DRIVE specialized inverter;
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Hello! It is Suzhou MHS Elevator Co., Ltd.We manufacture many kinds of elevator and escalator,we manufacture and sale the elevator parts too.Our products are in high quality and their prices are low.If you want to get more information,welcome to send email to
Whatsapp and phone number:+86 18437976128
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Our company is called STAR.We are an elevator and escalator group, and an elevator and escalator solution supplier. We have our own factory, for example DSK elevator, DSK this LOGO is mainly used in the domestic market,the overseas market is directly developed by our general company. We have our own import and export company, we have our own research and development company. The price of our products is definitely lower than that of other companies of the same quality.If you have interest, you are very welcome to follow me.

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elevator Car Decoration SN-CD-112
we are the manufacturer and supplier of the elevator and the elevator parts,we are looking forward for you order message.
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Elevator Push Buttion SN-PB710
ABS base with metal circle outer frame and surface
Comply with Level 1 Impact-proof Standard& IP65
we can provide all kinds of elevator parts ,welcome click here to get more information.
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As a manufacturer of elevators and lift accessories, we only produce high-quality elevators and accessories. Because the elevator safety engineering is directly related to life safety. We respect every life. Therefore, we must ensure that the elevator and accessories are safe.
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.Elevator Push Buttion SN-PB965
Transparent plastic characters with braille, illuminant halo and characters
more details ,come here
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our #hospital #elevator satisfies the needs of emergency patients' delivery.
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