While not a formal Fluxx game, its pay is stable enough to say it can be a private game.

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#cthulhu #fluxx can get really out of hand...especially when playing solo!

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On the next turn, Cthulhu won...
#cthulhu #fluxx

Is this on hangouts yet?

K. plays Unseen Force, then Laser Sword.  K is holding Star Warriors, the goal for those two keepers.

S. plays Brain Transference.  Damn! Double Damn!

K. draws a card -- Draw three cards and play two.  Trade hands.  Yay!  Goal is isolated!  Steal a Keeper.  Yay!  Unseen force!  Third one was Time Portal.

S. plays goal Evil Computer.

K. draws and plays Computer, which allows another card.  
Two turns later, K. draws Evil.

Game over!

Star Fluxx:

I played Wormhole as my only play.  Using Wormhole, I drew a card -- Trash New Rule, which sent Wormhole to the discard.

Short of actually winning, what is your "killer" combination of cards that will get you through a game?
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