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                   How the Strategy Gigantor lost its sheen

Last year, this was one news which created a lot of buzz in the business world when Monitor Group, a company founded by the well known Strategy guru, Michael Porter, filed for Bankruptcy. What really led to the fall - was it just the economic crisis or was it the failure of its corporate strategy?

                                                                              article: Forbes

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                   Leadership Critical to the success of a Merger

Recently US Airways announced Merger with American so as to gain more efficiencies, market access & price leverage. But, will the merger be successful or not will depend on the leadership which shall drive the new company forward. Read on this article from +Forbes for more insights.

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                          HBR Blog on Importance of Metrics

A good HBR Blog on getting the measurement metrics right! Even if you have the right amount of data but not the right metrics, you have reached nowhere!
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