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Regular Registration for #SOTF17 ends SEPT 15! Don't wait! #HSTE

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Ignite Innovation 2017 Schedule Released!

The schedule for Ignite Innovation at 'Iolani School is live! Check out the schedule here:

Get your tickets: #igniteinnovationHI

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WATCH Google Rocks! Hawaii TONIGHT at 7 pm HST!

Join +Linda Lindsay and the gang for the return of Google Rocks! Hawaii!
Google Rocks! Hawaii
Google Rocks! Hawaii

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FREE Tickets available for KS EdTech Mashup!

Tickets are still available for the #ksedtech Mashup event on January 14th! And it's FREE!! Join this great half-day conference-unconference PD event!
#HSTE #ksedtech
Mashup 2017
Mashup 2017

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ISTE Proposal Writing Workshop!

Need help crafting your ISTE conference session proposal? We're here to help with expert advice and tips! Join us in-person or online on September 17. RSVP at
It is a great honor to present at the annual ISTE conference. With attendance of 16,000 educators and more than 1,000 sessions, this is the premier worldwide conference to share your knowledge! The challenge – only about 38% of proposals are accepted.

+HSTE, the Hawaii affiliate of ISTE, is here to help! We are hosting a
FREE ISTE Proposal Writing Workshop (in person and online!), so you can work on your proposal and collaborate with other educators.

We'll broadcast on YouTube LIVE during the workshop for those who can't physically attend and for those on the neighbor islands. The video will also be recorded on YouTube for later viewing.

When: Saturday, September 17th from 8:30AM – 12:00PM
Physical Location: Mid-Pacific Institute, Hartley Building, Room H134
YouTube LIVE link:

If you want to attend in person, please RSVP here:

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Please help me win a trip to #ISTE2016 by liking this video on YouTube. Voting will go until 3/27/16 at 9am. You will need to sign into YouTube in order to like the video. Many thanks!!

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VOTE with your hearts not for the parties. What is the media's keeping from you?..Why is the establishment attacking Trump and his supporters?..Why are they lying to you?

The Establishment for the first time in 80 years, has had voters all across America saying, "NO MORE".

No more LYING TO US.
No more FRAUD.
No more THEFT.

Since 1986, Trump has told Congress if you don't STOP treating the PEOPLE like their voices don't matter, stop over taxing them, stop not taxing the wealthy...I will run for president. Guess what, he is running for president. And, for the first time we out number the ESTABLISHMENT...we have one chance to put a end to their ruling over us and to take back our country. But you have too VOTE! If you don't vote the curruption in Washington will never.

This is perhaps the most important election of your lifetime.

You cannot believe their ads or the media--because they have used lies to maintain control of our elections for more then 80 years. And, it has worked until now.

Trump and his supporters figured out what they were doing and took a stand against it...then vowed to tell the public about it. Thus, they have attacked back nuclearly. Frist, with outright lies, using the theory "tell a lie big enough and say it often the public will believe it". Then march a group of ex President's, Congressmen, Governors, and Actors out against them. Accuse them of being racist, women haters, and con artist. Undermined him as a effective leader with foreign leaders. Launch a mega advertising campaign against them. Send in the protesters. Anything to make them look like evil.

We are no more evil or racist than God himself.

We are Americans taking back our Country and it's Traditions...protecting our Constitution and Freedoms...demanding leaders that are Honorable and Honest that will truly represents THE PEOPLE.

This is the truth. Now it's up to you, vote with your heart not for the party vote for the person that will do the job with HONOR AND HONESTY.
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Come meet new ISTE author, Sharon "Sam" Sakai-Miller, to kick off her new book release "Innovation Age Learning"!

She's hosting a kick-off event at the Waialae Country Club, Feb. 10, 4:00 to 5:00 pm. The first 50 reservations will received a free signed copy of her book.

Sharon is a graduate of Kaimuki High School and the University of Hawaii and currently serves as the Director of Technology Integration Services of San Lorenzo Unified School District.

RSVP for Feb 5th at:

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DEADLINE EXTENDED: Ignite Innovation Conference 2016!

The deadline has been extended for session proposals to DEC 20 for the +'Iolani School  Ignite Innovation Conference.

We're looking for a variety of session ideas in different strands and formats, especially hands-on!


Submit a Proposal:

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